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What Your Clothing Colors Say About You ? – Infographic

Everybody has their favorite colour and we love wearing dresses of our favorite colours. My favorite colour is brown and today’s outfit is Women’s Tunic Tops and a white jean. Well, most of my outfits are shades of brown since I love the colour Brown. Anyways, coming back to topic! Here What Your Clothing Colors Say About You ? – Infographic,

What Your Clothing Colors Say About You ?

Do you know the colour you love says lot about you and your personality? Colours play an important role and reveal much about our personality, mood and emotions.  Although it is true that perceptions of colors and their meaning are somewhat subjective. Therefore, it is necessary to consider occasional factors.

Colours have symbolic meanings associated with individual personality. Therefore it is important that you should know their meaning and connotations.

Such as, black is perceived as indicator of prestige, power, seriousness, and intelligence, but people who prefer wearing black are not only ambitious and purposeful but also sensitive.

Likewise people prefer wear red in occasion. The colour red signifies passion and power people tend to associate the colour with energy and excitement.

Yellow is the colour of happiness and signifies sunshine. Yellow seems to grab attention easily and are adopted by people how are active create and adventurous. Whether you wear yellow colour Linen Dungarees, a floral knee gown with yellow base or simple yellow shirts the effect of the colour can easily be seen in you.

White another beautiful color that represents peace, purity, innocence, and simplicity. The colour white is worn by the people who look at life optimistically and are organized.

Orange is as attractive as yellow. People who are optimistic, opportunistic and cheerful like to wear orange.

Blue is an influential colour. People tend to associate the colour blue with intelligence and efficiency. The shades of blue are loved by calm and courteous people.

The colour brown makes a strong influential impact. The colour often worn by the people those are impressive, rational and reliable.

Above mentioned were the few common colours that speak about a person’s personality. So, if you are person who reaches for a particular colour more often as compared to other colours and are thrilled to know the psychological implications behind colours you choose to wear, read out our infographic below

What Your Clothing Colors Say About You

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