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Braces, Its Types, and Things to Keep in Mind Before Going for One.

Dental care is one of the prime aspects of health care and is becoming more and more important, with growing awareness among the people. This aspect of medical science deals with the health conditions in teeth, gums, jaw, and mouth, aka overall health. Dentists are dental doctors who are skilled to diagnose, prevent and cure any type of diseases and disorders in their patients’ mouths.

There are many experts in the field like who have years of experience which they use to give their patients better oral health. Oral health affects and reflects on the person’s overall health. There are different types of dental treatments for different problems in the mouth. There are restorative as well as cosmetic procedures in dental care. Let’s discuss one of the generally used dental tools – braces.

What do you mean by braces?

This dental tool is used to rectify the problems such as crooked and non-aligned teeth. If you get braces, you have to wear them constantly, and eventually, they will align the arrangement of your teeth. If you want to get braces, you can contact dentist Dr. Roland Pagniano.

Kinds of braces:

You can get the best braces in Round Lake since they come in a variety of types, and your dentist will recommend a particular model that fits your needs.

  • Traditional or metal braces – These are metallic braces. It involves brackets or bands which are connected to the forepart of the teeth. The wires that carry these bands all together are either flexible or arched. The bands exert extra pressure on the teeth, thus straightening them. Your dentist may ask you to put on a headgear device during the night to make the entire process work faster.
  • Clear aligners – Clear aligners or invisible braces are basically transparent plastic trays that fit comfortably on the teeth. These gently exert pressure on the teeth and move them into alignment. These are removable, and you have to put these aside while brushing or cleaning your mouth and eating. However, you need to wear these for a minimum of twenty-two hours at a stretch for it to be effective.
  • Lingual braces – The brackets or bands of these braces are connected to the teeth from the back and thus are not easily visible.
  • Ceramic braces – These are like traditional braces with their bands built with ceramic of white or tooth’s color. However, several other things like transparent materials, stainless steel, gold, etc., can be used to make the bands as well.

Things to keep in mind when planning on getting braces:

  • Time period – The time period for wearing braces is different for every person and actually depends upon a few factors like the intensity of the problem, the gap between the teeth, the room for movement of your teeth inside your mouth, etc. However, on average, the brace usually stays for around one to three years.
  • Age – People of any age can get braces. The only thing is that braces take a longer time to rectify the teeth’ misalignment in adults than the children since the bones in adults don’t grow anymore.
  • Sports – If you play a sport that carries a risk of getting injured in the face, then you have to wear a mouth guard to shield your inner part of the mouth.
  • After braces care – This includes fitting of a retainer in the mouth post removal of braces. It is significant as it settles the straightened teeth and makes them comfortable in their new position.

It is always advisable to consult a dentist and get thorough with the procedure before getting on board for the treatment.

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