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Features Of Modern Foot Spa Massagers That Increased Its Market Demand.

As technology advanced, so did our personal care tools. Just a decade or two back, personal care meant expensive spa visits on the weekends, which not only took a bit off our wallets but also made an impact on our social life as they were time-consuming. Moreover, the concept of stepping out on the weekend to relax is a paradox in itself.

Thankfully, the technological advancements let us enjoy these personal care services like spas and massages at home. This has proved to be a boon, especially in these times of pandemic and lockdown. This is one of the reasons why foot spa massagers have seen a huge rise in demand in the market in recent years. But there are other reasons as well. Let us take a look at them:

Relaxing Foot Spa Treatment At Home: With Foot Spa Massagers being designed to mimic professional salon-like treatment, you do not have to bear the hassle of stepping out of your house. You can actually relax in your own drawing room and let the foot spa do its job.

Heated Foot Bath: Previously, to get a foot bath, people had to pour hot water into a bucket and place their feet on the hot water. With features like automatic heating and intelligent temperature control, things are way easier with foot spa massagers. Modern foot spa massagers have intelligent heating and smart temperature control. Nowadays, all you have to do is just simply pour water in the foot spa massager and select your desired temperature settings. The foot spa itself will heat up the water and ensure that the desired temperature setting is maintained.

Feet Massage: The foot spa massagers have massage rollers placed on the bottom. With accentuated nodes and a sleek design, the massagers provide acupressure massage on the soles of your feet, thus providing you with an acupressure massage. This is almost like spa treatment as the scientifically designed massage rollers provide you with acupuncture massage, providing you relief from headache, sore soles and also helps you to treat your feet’s skin.

Automated Modes: These days, foot spa massagers come with a smart digital panel that lets you have complete control over your foot spa experience. You can choose between features and spa treatments like vibrational massage therapy, heated foot spa, bubble massage, and various other features.

Foot Soak Compatible: While enjoying your heated foot bath, you can add a bit of foot soak and foot salt and improve the health of your feet. The foot soak and salt prevents cracked heels and improves foot hygiene, and helps you relax as well. The modern foot spa massagers are designed to be foot soak compatible, while some massagers even come with their own foot soak to provide better results.

Even though modern foot spa massagers bring home all the salon-like features at your home, the device itself is relatively cheap. Some of the brands provide you with a professional foot spa massager at an affordable price as well. So what are you waiting for? Click here for yourself and enjoy a relaxed time as you enjoy a relaxing foot spa at the comfort of your home on the weekends.

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