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4 Bvlgari Men’s Watches For That Modern Look

Every gentleman needs that one piece of jewelry that will make a statement for him above anything else that is on his person. A luxury watch is one of those things. If you doubt what to wear to an event or party, starting your attire with a proper wristwatch is an excellent first step to a fantastic outfit.

There are a multitude of options for watches to wear, sports watches, dress watches, diver watches, and even pocket watches for that classic look. However, nothing beats the elegance and sophistication of a luxurious watch that meets all requirements for an accessory that screams of personality but doesn’t try too hard to look that way. A Bvlgari watch is just that, and here are some of our recommendations.

Bvlgari Bvlgari Roma Black Dial

The Bvlgari Bvlgari collection is a selection of luxury watches with a unique distinct feature; it is a double engraved logo somewhere on the timepiece. In this case, the Roma in Black Dial is an excellent example of Bvlgari’s ideology of bringing its customers unique, sophisticated, and high-quality Bvlgari watch iterations that won’t disappoint whenever they are worn.

The dial that seems to mesmerize onlookers with its deep black color is accented perfectly with the gold indexes. A subtle date display is also in an optimal position for reading. The 41mm case has a beautiful logo of Bvlgari and Roma etched discreetly to add elegance to those with careful attention to detail.

Bvlgari Bvlgari Blue Dial

The Blue Dial from the Bvlgari Bvlgari series comes from the same collection, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to recommend this timepiece because of its beauty. The blue dial is a shade lighter than navy blue, close to a deep ocean blue, which is a color that you won’t find from other brands. The bronze indexes and dial make for a divine partnership with the case as well.

Going along with the design language of most of the watches in the Bvlgari Bvlgari series, the blue dial also has a subtle date display that is perfectly positioned to give that extra elegance to catch some glances. The back is transparent, and at a diameter of 41mm, this watch is perfect for small to medium-sized wrists.

Bvlgari Diagono Magnesium

The Diagono Magnesium from Bvlgari is merely stunning, indeed a watch in a class of its own. A combination of modern elements and classic design cues from traditional Bvlgari collections make this watch a sight to behold whenever it is worn in public. You can’t find any other watch in the series that looks uniquely youthful but, at the same time, stays true to classical Bvlgari core values.

The Dial is finished in brown with a design that mimics leather material that carries seamlessly over to the black rubber strap giving it somewhat of a two-tone look. The brilliant double Bvlgari logo can be seen perfectly engraved on the case’s outer bezels, and it is a perfect match with the luminous black indexes.

Bvlgari Octo Finissimo

There are times when a modern look can benefit significantly from the simplicity of a minimalist piece of jewelry. The Octo Finissimo captures all the points for a sleek and minimalist watch that doesn’t need many precious stones or metal to make a statement. The whole watch is made almost entirely of titanium, so durability won’t be an issue wherever you choose to wear this magnificent timepiece.

The watch dial is finished in a subtle grey tone that pairs unexpectedly well with the rose gold indexes. A secondary graph is present to add a touch of modern complication to break the trend of minimalism. At approximately 40mm in diameter, the Octo Finissimo is perfect for small hands and slimmer wrists.

The Octo Finissimo has a water resistance of 30 meters, which should be more than enough for indoor water incidents and activities. The movement is automatic and has a lifespan of 60 hours when it is fully wound. This quaint piece of art is undoubtedly an excellent choice for those looking for their first luxury watch.


Several methods exist to spice up an attire but opting for a piece of art from Bvlgari as an accessory saves you a lot of time and effort trying to make yourself sophisticated with extra pieces of clothing. A great outfit isn’t only characterized by how much you wear but also how meaningful those individual choices are, especially those you make for jewelry.

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