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Fashion, Style, and Class: Watches That Every Watch Partisans Should Own

Watches are essential tools for everyone, not just for keeping track of time but for elevating the look. Since the thing about watches is that it makes you look dapper, crisp, and well-dressed. Thus, it is no secret that watches are everyone’s best friend.

For those who find wonders in collecting watches or owning them. Here are some watches that you should add to your growing collection of watches. So prepare to be dazzled with this eye sparkling inducing list of watches that will make people say, “Take my money! Just take it!”  So without further ado, here are some of them.

Tommy Hilfiger Mens Trent Multi-Function Watch

When it comes to watches, you will miss out if you have not owned a Tommy Hilfiger Watch. It is basically a necessity. One of the most quintessential watches produced by Tommy Hilfiger is its Tommy Hilfiger Mens Trent Multi-Function Watch. Its bold and striking design will captivate and stun you.

The Hilfiger Trent Multifunction Watch is characterized by its enchanting blue dial paired with the brown leather strap that will perfectly look good on your wrist. When you think that that is all, you will be bombarded by its incredible features like its day and date dials. What is more remarkable about it is its 50 meters water-resistant.

Diesel Mr. Daddy 2.0 Quartz Black Dial Grey Leather Men’s Watch

What could be more legendary than the Diesel Mr. Daddy 2.0 Quartz Black Dial Grey Leather Men’s Watch? This piece is a splendid and magnificent example of a timepiece that is born out of love and quality due to all the features embedded in this one.

Though, what makes it shocking is not about its features and ornate design but the fact that it is very affordable for a timepiece of its kind. The Diesel Mr. Daddy 2.0 Quartz Black Dial Grey Leather Men’s Watch comes with a price of $3,500 up to $3,700 only. That is not a bad deal considering the quality of this work of art.

The Bvlgari Roma Automatic Unisex Watch

Talking about work of art, you can never go wrong with the Bvlgari Roma Automatic Unisex Watch. The notion of unisex fashion slowing down the gender gap between clothing and accessories. Bvlgari never misses this hype.

The Bvlgari Roma is made of stainless steel. Its band is made of leather that comes with the color brown, symbolizing stability, reliability, and comfort.  The fact that it is a unisex watch, the brown hue of its strap makes it more neutral, making it work for both men and women. It also comes in the classic round shape with 41 mm diameter.

The watch’s movement is automatic, with the dial set in color black, which complements the brown band’s neutrality. The Bvlgari Roma Automatic Unisex Watch is known for its durability and water-resistance of up to fifty meters.

Tutima Glashutte Saxon One Chronograph Automatic Royal Blue Dial Unisex Watch

There are watches that when you stare at it, it seems like it is talking to you, asking for you to have it, to own it, to buy it, possess it, and make it cozy in your wrist. That idea would be likely best presented through the Tutima Glashutte Saxon One Chronograph Automatic Royal Blue Dial Unisex Watch under the series “Saxon One.”

This masterpiece is like a piece of art in your wrist like literally, with a price ranging from $70,000 up to $80,000. But The Tutima Glashutte Saxon One Chronograph Automatic Royal Blue Dial Unisex Watch has a luminescence finish with a luxurious blue colored dial and silver-toned hands that will give you a heart attack just by looking at it glamor.

This watch is a Sports watch that runs on a Tutima Calibre 521 movement and a water resistance of about 200 meters in depth. This watch is like a painting made by Monet. So, if a painting does not tingle your spirit and make your soul, maybe this watch will.

Seiko Solar Quartz

This list would not be completed without the watch brand that started this whole shenanigan. Seiko prides itself on its quartz movement to diversify its product lines. Its first quartz watch is an Astron, and it was priced like a buying house or a car. So, what is it about that it is so pricey? Seiko has consistently outfitted its Astron line with a quartz movement. Seiko boasts its watches with battery changing. Thus, carrying a top of the line movement that’s accurate and powerful.

The first Seiko Solar Quartz are marvels. In its modern iteration, these watches exude the classic styling from the brand’s Sports 5 line with the high-level accuracy of quartz. It also has a GMT function, Arabic indices, and Seiko’s standard day-date complication. With these kinds of luxury watches, Seiko is on the top of their game.


Watches have this kind of energy that will charm you and makes you want to buy them and own them. If you are a devotee when it comes to watches, you will not let this watch slide out of your grasp. With the glamor, opulence, and elegance these watches provide, it sure will make you want to have them on your wrist.

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