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Carnivore Diet vs Keto: What’s the Difference?

What was the concept of a healthy diet when you were a kid? Growing up, you were probably told–no, forced and bribed–to eat your veggies, right? Now, the wealth of scientific info about healthy eating habits are so varied that it feels like we’re living in the Twilight Zone: People are following dietary habits that actually restrict vegetables and encourage fatty foods — Imagine that!

These dietary habits are namely the Ketogenic diet and the carnivore diet. Read on to learn about the carnivore diet VS Keto, so that you can decide which one fits your lifestyle best.

The Keto Diet

Let’s face it: We all know someone who has done the Keto diet to lose weight. Either that, or we know someone who knows someone that swears by Keto. Though the Ketogenic diet resurfaced as a popular trend a couple of years ago, it was developed in the 1930’s as a medical diet. It was meant to help patients with Epilepsy in place of fasting.

This diet consists of high fatty foods and very low carb intake. It’s meant to put your body into Ketosis, a metabolic state in which your body uses fat instead of carbs to burn energy. If you follow Keto, you can eat as much fat as you like, unless it’s saturated. Just don’t overload on the carbs. In fact, you have to count macronutrients (energy stores from carbs) in order to not overload on them.

The Carnivore Diet

The Carnivore diet is basically a variation of Keto. That said, if you have a preference for eating meat, poultry, fish, and dairy, you’re a natural fit for the Carnivore diet. Also, if you won’t miss carbs at all, this diet is the way to go. The Carnivore diet requires you to follow a no-carb lifestyle. Even complex carbs like whole grains and fiber are discouraged.

If a more restricted diet is right for you, you can use online resources like WeightDescent to figure out what you can eat. Then, you can plan each meal accordingly based on what you learn. Taking small steps toward your weight loss goal ensures success.

Carnivore Diet VS Keto: The Main Difference

The major difference between Keto and the Carnivore diet is the type of fat consumed. Those who practice Keto derive their fats from all sources. In fact, plant-based fats, such as those from nuts and avocado, are perfectly acceptable.

On the other hand, the Carnivore diet totally restricts carbs, so plant-based fats are a no-go. The acceptable foods for the Carnivore diet include bacon, salmon, and most full-fat dairy products. Eggs are an animal product as well, so they are considered a good source of fat and protein for this diet.

Time to Eat

Now that you are familiar with the Carnivore diet VS Keto, which type of nutritional plan might work best for your weight loss goals? Though these two diets are similar in practice and outcome, they cater to different types of people with varying philosophies and pallets. The good news is, with either diet, you can eat what you love and make it work in your favor.

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