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Great Reasons You Should Try Yoga – 5 Reasons to do Yoga

Due to the pandemic, we cannot gather, travel to other places, and share any physical interaction. As a species designed to find and build connections, these have caused an increase in stress and anxiety levels. You’ve probably made temporary fixes, such as online shopping, online gaming, and binge eating/drinking. But, don’t you want to try something new this time?—something that brings more lasting results.

“Yoga is a group of practices that encompasses the physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions. I often encouraged my colleagues to practice yoga to combat back pain and tension, which is common among office workers,”.comments fitness equipment for rent distributor Karina Wolfin at Direct Appliance Rentals.

From monks to celebrities, a lot of people can attest to the benefits of yoga. Here’s more of the reasons why you should try yoga.

5 Reasons to do Yoga

1. A Low Impact Exercise That’s Ideal For Beginners

Sadly, many people think of exercise as a punishment for eating “too much”. Others are intimidated by particular workout routines. 

Yoga is an ideal start to a more active lifestyle. It’s a low-impact exercise, which means it’s suitable for all ages. Yin Yoga, for example, focuses on stretching to activate your muscles, joints, and ligaments—all of which may improve arthritis.

2. An Effective Stress Reliever

Any form of physical activity can reduce cortisol levels. Cortisol (also known as “stress hormone”) increases blood sugar levels and alertness, making it difficult to relax. High levels of this hormone can cause fatigue, headaches, irritability, restlessness, etc. 

Yoga can counter cortisol spikes through physical movement, meditation, breathing exercises, and mental imagery. Many of the techniques you can learn from Hatha and You can consider attending a wellness retreat for a more calming place and fresh air for your breathing exercises.

Consider complementing yoga with sound bath sessions for optimal results.

3. Enhances Concentration

Concentration problems can diminish productivity. Then, we become frustrated for not being able to accomplish more. Improving self-awareness and level of consciousness is the first step to enhancing concentration—and you can attain this through Kundalini yoga. 

In a 2017 study, 81 participants were divided into two groups. One group engaged in Kundalini yoga, while the other group underwent a 12-week memory enhancement training. Researchers found out that the yoga group had improved their reasoning, problem-solving skills, and mental skills.

4. Improves Sleep Quality

With so many things occupying our minds during these challenging times, we often don’t get satisfying sleep. If we don’t get quality sleep, our entire day is affected; we become less focused, less active, and less patient. 

According to the Sleep Foundation, yoga can promote quality sleep by improving blood circulation and clearing the headspace.

5. Gives A Confident Posture

Sitting in front of the TV or computer can ruin your posture. Not to mention the health problems that can arise from lack of inactivity. A quick yoga in between tasks can help you maintain a good posture and avoid certain lifestyle diseases. Be nourished, be nurtured, and be inspired through Yoga Meditations.

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