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Clever Ways To Naturally Humidify The Air

Have you ever thought about how to humidify a home or a room naturally? Keeping a home humid is very important if you want to avoid itchy eyes, chapped lips etc. during the summer season, the air is moist, and the air conditioning helps in keeping the home fresh.

Depending on the space of the room or budget, you can buy a flame  humidifier online from for your house is a great idea as it will help to relieve the discomfort in a dry environment. Still, also there are a lot of simple ways to humidify your homes naturally without the need for humidifiers.

Methods to humidify room air naturally.

Use these methods regularly to keep your house humid in a better way throughout all seasons and some unusually dry climate. Below are some methods of natural air humidifier for a room.

  • Dry your clothes in the room- When your dresses are drying the moisture that they are holding will slowly evaporate if you take advantage of this process by drying your clothes in the room to keep humid. Whenever you leave your clothes to drain all night, it humidifies the entire place while you are sleeping and also your clothes will be dry in the morning.
  • Grow plants in your house- Growing plants can help your home humid if you spray them regularly with sufficient water one or more times in a day and do it every day. Like humans plants also sweat and thus they excrete water vapours that will increase humidity in the room and if you grow more plants, then it helps you in humidifying your entire house.
  • Put away the hairdryer- Just like your clothes dryer, but on a smaller scale, small appliances like hairdryers which use heated air to perform a task will dehydrate their surroundings while they are running. Unplug the hairdryer and set it aside for the winter. As the humidify returns your home, you will retain moisture better and become more manageable as well. Furthermore, it is just like hanging up your damp laundry, allowing your dry naturally will add a small amount of moisture back into the surrounding air as well.
  • Leave water simmering- One of the best ways to increase the humidity inside your house is to leave a large pot of water simmering on the stovetop. You can also spice the things up a bit by adding some cloves, cinnamon and other herbs into the water. The resultant steam will fill the air not only with much-needed moisture but also the scents of your chosen spices. Make sure that you always remember to turn off the stove before leaving the house or going to bed.
  • Set out containers of water- If you are not comfortable leaving a pot of simmering water on the stove, you can create a similar effect by setting out containers of water near other heat sources around your house. Some good locations to set up boxes are near windows which get a lot of sunlight and in front of registers where the arm air from your heat pump will flow over the surface of the water and pick up moisture.
  • Invest in an indoor fountain- attractive to look at and pleasant on the ears, indoor fountains are more than just decoration purpose. As the water inside a fountain moves, some of its absorbed into the surrounding. Over the time, this can have a significant impact on the humidity inside your house.
  • Shower with the door open- If you don’t want to spend money on a new indoor fountain, you may have something even better already inside your home. Assuming that privacy will not be compromised in doing so, consider showering the bathroom door open. The steam created by this will flow out into the surrounding rooms and boost humidity throughout the house.
  • Don’t drain the bath- If you choose to take a bath instead of showering, don’t remove the tub after you step out. Instead, recycle your bathtub water by letting it to evaporate. Due to the large surface area, the water in a bathtub can provide a lot of moisture inside your house. It carries away a small amount of humidity.

Humid air means fewer bacteria, fewer allergies. Moisturized skin has fewer problems like dryness, flaking, and aging. Healthy and well-moisturized plants pull toxins out of the air and purify your home. Moist air prevents cracks and splits and prolongs the life of your wooden furnishings. So these are the most intelligent and simple methods to humidify the air naturally at your home or in your room.

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