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Cowboy hats are now a rage among women who are keen to break the gender barrier

Women wear hats mainly for fashion and enjoy protection automatically.  Fashion is the prime objective for women wearing hats. The aspect of protection comes automatically, especially when going on trips that lead to substantial exposure to weather elements, mostly sunshine. 

Over the years, hats have transgressed genders, and many hats that were only for men or women are now suitable for both. Take, for example, the cowboy hats that resemble the Wild West of the yesteryears and had been a male fashion accessory exclusively for many years have quietly turned into a women’s fashion accessory. Today, women take a particular interest in womens western hats for creating their styles.

Women’s cowboy hats are smaller than men’s hats

Women inclined towards unisex fashion love to change their looks by wearing cowboy hats that might not make them look like cowboys but surely help them create their style and make a statement.   Although cowboy hats are unisex, there are many differences in style between cowboy hats for men and those for women. The most visible difference is the size of the hats which are much smaller than the average size of the cowboy hats for men. And this seems quite logical from the perspective of hat selection that depends on the face size and the body structure.

Unlike men’s hats that come in various sizes, usually ranging between 21.5 inches and 23 inches, women’s hats are more or less standard between 21.5inches and 22.5 inches in circumference. It means that picking any hat is not a problem for women.

Decorated hats

Cowboy hats belong to the genre of western hats, and the style elements have the typical characteristics of the rough and tough lifestyle of cowboys and the western ruffians and rangers. They used to blaze the trail of the Wild West on horseback with their pistols dangling from the waist. However, the style of the cowboy hats for women lacks the ruggedness of the original male versions. Instead, it adopts a softer and gentle characteristic that matches well with the feminine traits but displaying the masculine features through the shape and design of the hats that stick to the original.

Women’s cowboy hats have several decorative elements that impart feminine qualities to the hats while maintaining the overall shape and proportions of the crown and the brim of the original style. Women’s hats have colorful hatbands and jewelry at the center of the cap or wrapped around it. The hats look dazzling and increase the style quotient many more times.  Moreover, such styling lends more flexibility in wearing cowboy hats with many types of dresses instead of sticking to the standard dress codes related to cowboy hats.

Colorful hats

In its original form, the colors of cowboy hats are limited and have earthly looks that match well with the dust bowls of the Wild West. Mostly gray, black, or brown were the colors of the original cowboy hats, but the hats worn by women are available in a wide range of colors. Since women wear cowboy hats primarily for fashion, these are now available in blue, pink, red, and many other colors besides the usual neutral colors like beige, white, and cream.

Hat materials

The main distinction between men’s and women’s cowboy hats is in size and decorative elements, but it is the same for men and women when it comes to hat materials. Even the hat profiles are the same as well as the design that typically defines cowboy hats. The same applies to the hat materials that range from straw to suede and felt and wool and leather. Of late, women favor polyester cowboy hats because of the ease of cleaning and maintenance.  Polyester hats are for all seasons, and being foldable is easy to carry around. Moreover, polyester material does not create wrinkles when unfolded and retains the same good looks without any need to tend to it.

Despite the distinctions between women’s and men’s cowboy hats, which mainly relate to aesthetics associated with style and fashion, functionally, there is no difference between the hats. Cowboy hats serve the same purpose for both men and women by providing excellent sun protection due to their wide brim. By choosing a cowboy hat with a wider brim, you can ensure better protection from the harmful UV rays of sunlight when you are moving around outdoors. Therefore, you must consider cowboy hats alongside Panama hats and Floppy hats when you need a sun hat. Cowboy hats are essentially for warm seasons because although the hats made from wool help keep the head warm, they are only good for mildly cold climates. Since cowboy hats cover the head only and there is no design available for protecting the ears, you cannot use them for colder climates when the cold winds bite your ears.

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