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What Are the Different Types of Bracelets That Exist Today?

Some people look great wearing the simplest clothes without accessories. If you’re one of them, that’s awesome, but if you want to experiment with your style, there’s no need to swap items in your wardrobe with trendy pieces. Accessorizing with a few things can help transform your daily outfits.

These include a few essential jewelry pieces, such as bracelets. That said, let’s talk about the different types of bracelets, plus tips on choosing the best ones based on your style.

Tennis Bracelets

No matter what the latest jewelry trends are, tennis bracelets will always be in style. That’s because anyone can wear them on any occasion. Don’t mind the name. You don’t need to be playing tennis to wear them, although, if you do, it can help complete your tennis outfit.

The classic tennis bracelet is a diamond line one, but you might also like gemstone varieties. Fun fact: They used to be called eternity bracelets, but they became known as tennis bracelets after Chris Evert’s match.


Of the many types of jewelry that exist today, minimalists would probably like bangles the most. After all, it’s the simplest design-wise. With no clasp or opening, bangles are meant to be slid over the hand and onto the wrist.

Even if you’re not a minimalist, though, a bangle or bangles are always worth adding to your jewelry collection. You can layer them with thin bracelets, or you can buy a larger one, which could be the focal piece of your outfit.

Beaded Bracelets

While it’s true that the jewelry market caters mainly to women, you’ll appreciate bracelets more, especially beaded ones, because anyone can wear them.

You don’t even need to worry about the price because there’s sure to be a beaded bracelet within your budget. Beads can be stone, wood, plastic, or real gems. They can also be glass or metal. If you’ve never had a beaded bracelet before, you can shop here. The selection boasts of exotic gemstones incorporating modern Feng Shui elements.

Other Types of Bracelets

The more you familiarize yourself with the jewelry industry, the more you’ll learn about different jewelry styles, all of which cannot be covered here.

Should you wish to learn more about the different types of bracelets, you may search for charm bracelets, hololiths, cuffs, slider bracelets, and so on. Friendship bracelets, wrap bracelets, and stretch bracelets are also worth looking into, so be sure to do your homework before buying a lot of new jewelry pieces.

Some Tips for Buying Bracelets

Besides knowing the various types of bracelets, it helps to understand how to buy one based on size and fit. For example, bangles shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. If you can fit two fingers inside it while wearing it, you’ve picked a right-sized bangle.

The occasion also matters. It’s best to leave your friendship bracelet at home if you plan to attend a formal event (e.g., weddings, balls, etc.). Another tip to remember is to opt for something that doesn’t make a lot of noise (read: no bangles) if you’re visiting a library, watching an opera, and so on. Visit for sea turtle tracking bracelet

Keep Calm and Accessorize

Elevating your outfits with accessories is a style decision you won’t regret, and now that you know about the different types of bracelets, you can have fun as you choose the styles that fit your personality.

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