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Dealing with Gray Hair? Find Out the Most Professional Hair Colors Here

While some people embrace the looks of gray hair, other professionals don’t like the stigma attached to graying hair. Many professionals, who wish to relate to their younger peers, prefer to cover the gray and heighten, if not animate, the looks of what they perceive as their dulling strands. Find here – Dealing with Gray Hair? Find Out the Most Professional Hair Colors Here.

The Top 3 Professional Brands Used for Covering Gray

If you don’t want to go to a colorist, you need to find hair coloring products that provide professional-looking results. The major brands that feature hair dyes that color gray hair include Revlon, Garnier, and L’Oreal. 

Making a Selection for the Best Professional Hair Color to Cover Gray

To select the best professional hair color to cover gray, you must consider just how much of your hair is gray. Using a semi-permanent color is typically best if your hair shows less gray (up to 50%). Otherwise, opt for a permanent color if over half of your hair is gray. When selecting a permanent hair dye, make sure the package states that it offers total coverage.

An Exception to the Rule

Because gray hair is drier and more fragile than hair with more melanin, coloring the hair is more challenging. That’s because the strands are less absorbent. Therefore, you may have to choose a permanent hair color even if your hair has just a few gray strands.

Darker versus Lighter

Darker colors will thicken and volumize the looks of your hair, while lighter shades will lighten strands. For example, if you have medium brown hair and several gray locks, choose the same hue as your hair.

Maybe you have more gray than brown or black hair. In this case, it’s better to choose a lighter color to cover the gray.  The color you choose is based on your skin tone and eye color. For instance, it is better to choose golden or reddish highlights if you have blue eyes, while brown hair shades are recommended for brown or black eyes.

Reviewing the Ingredients

The more shampoo, the more color will fade. Hair colors may contain ammonia or peroxide, which can irritate your scalp and hair. Therefore, search for products that contain natural components in their ingredients. A product that has been dermatologist tested is usually a good pick.

For example, Garnier’s Nutrisse Color Creme Hair Color contains oils, such as shea, olive, and avocado, which lend to longer-lasting color. Ammonia-free hair colors, such as Nutrisse, make root touch-ups easier and cause minor damage to the hair.

After-Color Conditioning for Healthier Hair

The hair color brands Garnier, L’Oreal, and Revlon, offer conditioning in their dyes to keep color-treated hair healthy. The hair color brands come with after-conditioners to keep your hair soft and silky between colorings.

Reapplying the Color

Usually, you will need to reapply your hair color after about six weeks. Remember, a shorter hairstyle will need less color. Therefore, if your hair is longer, you may want to consider a flattering cut of a pixie or shorter hairstyle.

Making a Selection: Final Thoughts

Again, choose from major brands, such as Revlon, L’Oreal, and Garnier, to ensure you select the best professional hair color for concealing gray hair. All the brands have their advantages and drawbacks, so scrutinize your choices. All have been applauded for being long-lasting and for providing excellent coverage.

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