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How to Get Envy-Worth Hair? Steps and Treatment

Ariel gave her voice to be able to speak to her prince, Mulan dressed up as a man to defend her father, and Rapunzel lost her gorgeous hair to save her loved one. Do you need to do all these risky things to get what you want? No, not really. There are more humane and well-thought-out ways to obtain something. And if you want to have beautiful hair, there is no need to sing for your mother (as Rapunzel did). Just read on to find out the essential care tips to ensure your hair grows beautiful and strong. Find here – How to Get Envy-Worth Hair? Steps and Treatment.

Best 5 Tips to Get Envy-Worth Hair

1. Wash Your Hair

This may sound simple, but making sure that your scalp and hair are clean is rule number one. Given current circumstances, industrial cities and countries have the dirtiest air, which takes all those unwanted particles to your hair. Add climate change, and you also get dryness. To avoid this, study your hair type and wash your scalp:

  • Either once or twice a week maximum, if your hair is naturally dry,
  • Every two or three days, if your hair tends to be oily or gets oily quickly.

Besides this, your hair can get oily or dry based on your eating habits, which are touched upon later in this article.

2. Opt for Cold or Medium Water

Everyone likes a refreshing hot shower that they can get after a tiring working day. Often, people wash their hair while taking a shower, so the same hot water goes to their hair. This is a big mistake to avoid as hot water can dissolve and take away hair’s oils. Being left “uncovered,” hair starts lacking its natural protection. So, instead of having the same water run both on the hair and body, turn cold or medium water. It can be freezing and unusual at the beginning, but later your hair will thank you.

3. Do Dry It Yourself

Drying your hair with a styler or a blow dryer can be exciting. Everyone wants to have shiny and luminous hair, as that picture is advertised on every hair care product. However, the bad side of the story is that hair is very prone to heat: extensive exposure to high temperatures can cause breakage and thinness. Allow your hair to dry naturally, or gently use a towel to rub them. Finally, never go to bed with wet hair. The dampness of your hair paired with the warmth of your head can help bacteria grow on your scalp and pillow.

4. Brushing ABC

How do you naturally comb your hair? You go from the top to the bottom. Don’t do that again; that is wrong. Even Rapunzel’s stepmother did it wrong. Usually, tangles are located at the ends of your hair, so when your hairbrush reaches them, they are ready to fight for their place. For this reason, start combing your hair from the bottom and gradually get to the top. This will prevent split ends from appearing. Also, try to use a broad toothed wooden comb to avoid your hair getting electrical and later break.

5. Dieting

Of course, there are specific products that claim to have positive effects on your hair and stimulate its growth. However, it usually comes to the basics, i.e., drinking water and healthy eating. You may be tired of hearing this word combination everywhere, but it has to deliver an important message. Everything that you eat and drink goes to your hair too. If you lack vitamins, such as Biotin (vitamin B7), vitamin C, and D, your hair will feel the shortage of the necessary blocks to grow and shine. Eggs, avocado, fish, and nuts contain the essential vitamins and elements to nurture your hair.

Lastly, make sure that you visit a professional to get customized consultations and learn how to manage any problems. If you live in Washington, an appointment with a PRP hair restoration specialist will help you study the core of any issues and get the proper treatment. This platelet-rich plasma method entails three steps that will provide your fair with plasma rich in growth factors and nutrients. It has proven to be safe and effective, so giving a try to the consultation should be on your list of self-care priorities.

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