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Different Types of Paper Tubes and Their Uses

Paper tubes come in different shapes and sizes and are used in various industries, from construction to packaging. B2B buyers should consult paper tube manufacturers to know which type of paper tube would be the best option for their business needs. Here are different types of paper tubes and their uses:

Convolute Tubes

Manufacturers make convolute or spiral wound tubes by winding paper strips around a mandrel at an angle to create a spiral. The strips are cut into different lengths, and the ends are glued together. You can use them as industrial, retail, and medical packaging cores. 

Seamless Tubes

Paper tube manufacturers make seamless paper tubes from one piece of paper rolled and creased into shape. These tubes are the most robust type of paper tube used in heavy-duty applications requiring stability and strength. You can use them to create concrete forms and industrial packaging. You can also use them as cores for large-scale rolls of animal feed, textiles, and paper products. 

Composite Cans

Composite cans are paper tubes with plastic lids and bottoms ideal for moisture-free products. These products include snacks, spices, and powdered drinks. Composite cans come in diverse sizes and shapes. You can use them to display the product with custom designs and printing. These tubes are robust and provide a hermetic seal. This makes it possible for the product to remain fresh and mold-free. You can stack composite cans and store them without compression, which makes them ideal for warehouse logistics and reduces the need for additional packaging. 

Telescopic Tubes

Telescopic tubes are paper tubes with interlocking rings. These rings extend or retract to fit products of differing sizes as required. The tubes are ideal for products with varying sizes or specific packaging requirements. They include cosmetics, odd-shaped items, and textiles. The design of telescopic tubes creates an opportunity for brands to display their products. Telescopic tubes are customizable with an array of printed designs and colors per the client’s preference. 

Mailing Tubes

Mailing tubes are paper tubes used for mailing posters, charts, and diplomas, among other items. These paper tubes are lightweight and come with plastic caps to avoid damage that may result from transport. Mailing tubes are the ideal packaging solution for rolled-up merchandise since they protect the product. They also prevent creasing or folding and may not require additional packing materials. 

Candle Tubes

Candle tubes are rigid paper tubes with a smooth exterior, perfect for packaging and shipping candles. These tubes are sturdy enough to withstand high temperatures and possible mishandling by the shipping carrier. The interior of the tubes has a wax lining to coat the candles and prevent them from melting or shifting during transit. They can also add aesthetic value to one’s candle product.

Paper Cores

Paper cores come in different sizes and strengths, with various wall thicknesses. This is to make them customizable for multiple uses. They are multipurpose cardboard tubes used as the base or center support of other products. They come in various products such as adhesives, paper towels, toilet paper, sheeting, carpeting, flexographic printing, and many more.

Shipping Tubes

Shipping tubes are made of sturdy paper yet are lightweight and easy to handle. You can use them in shipping to transport documents, posters, blueprints, and maps without folding, bending, or crumpling. Due to their long length and durability, they offer extra protection to the shipped items. These tubes also provide ease of use. They are stackable, which helps save space during transit and storage. Shipping tubes can be ideal for companies regularly transporting long or flat items.


Sonotubes, called form tubes, are made of heavy-duty paper with a wax coating. In the construction industry, you can use these tubes to create foundations, pillars, and columns. The wax coating helps prevent concrete from adhering to the cardboard. This facilitates the easy removal of the tube once the concrete has been set. Sonotubes are also cost-effective, providing temporary support while the concrete sets, eliminating the need for wood or metal forms. Sonotubes come in various sizes and can be used for commercial and residential construction.

Caulking Tubes

Caulking tubes are primarily used in the home improvement industry. They are filled with a viscous material like silicone or adhesive to eliminate gaps and seal joints. These tubes are usually made of paper with a foil lining. This helps to prevent the material from drying out. Caulking tubes have a tapered nozzle that can be cut to different sizes, allowing for precision application. 

Consult Paper Tube Manufacturers

Businesses have different packaging requirements, and paper tubes are an ideal solution. Given the various customizable designs and sizes, paper tubes offer cost benefits and versatility while also considering environmental sustainability. Consult paper tube manufacturers for aid in selecting the most effective paper tube solution to suit your product packaging needs.


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