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Top 5 Best Summer Jewelry Trends for 2024

When it comes to summer fashion inspiration, ditch the malls—the latest trends can all be found on Instagram. Instagram is changing how we shop, making it even easier to purchase directly from Insta posts and stories.

One thing all fashionistas need for summer is the right jewelry for every outfit, so what summer trends are happening for bracelets, rings, and necklaces? We went to Instagram to find the latest trends, just for you.

Here are five of the top Instagram jewelry trends to look out for.

1. Charms

Remember the fun of having a charm bracelet as a kid? If so, you’ll love to hear that the cute charm bracelets are one of the top summer jewelry trends!

You can find plenty of fun pieces to add to your summer jewelry routine made from beautiful charms—not just bracelets though, as charm necklaces and earrings are also popular.

Or, make your own by attaching charms to just about any bracelet or necklace, a fun DIY project. 

2. Neon Colors

Nothing more fun for summer than a pop of bright color! Jump on the neon trend and pick up a statement piece of neon-colored jewelry, like a fun ring or colorful necklace.

However, since neon is so bold, wearing one piece at a time is probably enough.

3. Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are a timeless piece of jewelry that we’re seeing a lot of this summer. While oversized hoops in gold are the way to go, you can also find plenty of smaller hoops, if you find the large size too much.

Pair them with just about anything, like a bright sundress or your trusty denim jacket and shorts.

4. Anklets

Since summer is all about shorts, skirts, and showing off your legs, why not accessorize with an anklet? These gorgeous bracelets for your ankles are fun to wear and can make your legs look amazing!

When shopping for anklets, remember that they’re meant to be worn on bare legs, so measure your ankle without pants or tights on to find the right size.

5. Stack Your Favorite Pieces

We just love jewelry stacking—that is, where you wear several of your favorite pieces at the same time. There’s no need to just wear one ring or bracelet—show off all of your fav items by wearing them together!

The beauty of stacking is there’s no right or wrong—you can mix different colors, materials, and styles, creating a funky, personalized style.

Use These Instagram Jewelry Tips for a Summer Glow-Up

There’s plenty of places to find the latest jewelry trends, but we just love browsing Instagram to find new fashion ideas!

Use these Instagram jewelry tips to get your summer fashion ready—with so many fun summer events, like beach days and barbeques, you’re going to want to look your best! Get started today and go shopping to pick up some killer pieces you can add to your summer jewelry collection!

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