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Different Types Of Patches For Biker Jackets

Do you have a biker jacket at your home? If not, then you can also purchase simple leather jackets for women and men online and add a patch of your choice on your own. It’s very common for these particular types of jackets to have multiple patches on them.

What Exactly Are Biker Patches

If you have ever seen people who ride motorcycles or are part of the sports team, they will likely have a biker patch. However, it is most common for those that ride on motorbikes to have these particular types of jackets. The patches are often a representation of the group they are with for the different things they are riding their bikes for. Regardless of the meaning behind the patches, they are typically placed in different locations on the jackets for specific meanings.

Overview Of Biker Back Patches

If you have ever been behind a group of motorcycle riders, you have likely seen patches on the jackets they are all wearing. If they are part of one group, the patches will all be the same, and they are often placed either on the back of the jacket, and they may be on the vests underneath the jacket itself. In most cases, they are on the upper part of the jacket. They can be many different sizes and shapes. For the most part, these will be representatives of their group, or they could represent a cause that they are all for, such as a club or a mission that they are on.

How Do You Put The Biker Patches On?

Regardless of how you do this, the only way to secure it properly is with a thread and needle. That needle needs to come from a professional-grade sewing machine. They will sew it on, typically around the edges of the patch, and the and lumps or words that are on the patch will be left alone, remaining prominent on the back of the bike jacket. In most cases, they will be made of some type of cotton or denim, or you might have one that is a mixture of the two. The thread that is used is almost always made of polyester. That is because the polyester is going to withstand the elements. Most of the bike riders will be out in the open, writing down roads that may involve going through sleet and snow, and they need to make sure that those patches stay on throughout their entire journey. As you are sewing these on, you need to make sure that all of the stitches are as close together as possible. The closer they are, the more solid the sewing job will be for the patch that will be an integral part of the jacket.

Iron On, Embroidery And Biker Patches

Embroidery and iron on patches for biker jackets plays a large role in the way that these are designed. For example, most of the emblems you will see on biker patches will be nearly 100% made of threat. There will be pictures, words, or symbols that are representative of their cause or group. However, only 50% may be embroidered, yet these are not going to last as long as those that are fully paid through the embroidery process.

Are There Any Rules Regarding Biker Patches?

For the most part, there are no rules that need to be followed, but certain forms of etiquette must be adhered to. In certain clubs, they only allow certain words or symbols, and they may also be sticklers for certain colors that are the only representative of their group. Each club will have its mandates, which must be followed if the biker patches can be put on the exterior of the jackets. In most cases, they’re simply going to use the ones that they are provided with and have them sewn on by a professional.

Final Thoughts Regarding Biker Patches

As for the different types of patches that can be put on jackets, they are almost always made of some type of cloth. Whether this is polyester, denim, or some form of cotton, they will never be the type that you glue want. If this were the case, they would only last for a single week, especially when traveling on the open road. The same is true for jackets that are put into a washing machine. As most parents know, patches’ glue tends to fall off or become completely ruined when they are agitated inside a washing machine.

This overview of the different types of patches that you will see on the backs of jackets, or even on the front, is true for anyone with a jacket that needs to have one sewn on. The types of materials will be similar simply because they are the most durable, and the same is true for the types of threat used. If you are part of the group that requires you to have a patch on the back or the front of your jacket, it will likely follow a code that is indicative of the group you are in. Now that you know a little bit more about jackets and how-to put-on patches, you can now put one on without worrying about it ever falling off.

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