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Tips to Choose Suitable Strapless Bras for Modern Dresses

A spaghetti strap dress, off shoulder tops, or any shoulder-baring style, all these call for a strapless bra. Strapless bras are essential for wearing strapless dresses. It can avoid you from unwanted embarrassments and won’t distract people by peeping out of your off-shoulder dresses. Today, there are numerous options available for your strapless outfit that can help you look as flawless as possible while providing utmost comfort and keeping your breasts in place.

Factors to consider before purchasing a strapless bra

Mentioned below are few things to know about strapless bras before making a purchase.

1. Pick the correct size- Strapless bras are designed for snug-fit and they will stick to your body tightly. The ultimate aim of this bra is to give maximum support to your breasts without the straps. Choose the one that sits without slipping.

2. Choose a broad band- Do you know that as the size of a bra increases, the width of the band and the number of hooks on it also increases? If you have fuller breasts, you’ll need a strapless bra with a thicker band and more hooks. Keep in mind that in a strapless bra, the band provides the most support.

3. Padded or non-padded- If you’re looking for a bra to pair with loose-fitting clothes, go for a padded one. But pick a non-padded seamless bra If you are opting to wear a figure-hugging dress, pick a non-padded seamless bra, otherwise the bra outline will show.

4. Choose bras with underwire, it might help- If you have a bigger bust or want a push-up look, go for a strapless bra with an underwire for more support. Make sure you wash these with hands or the wire may get twisted.

5. Consider long line strapless bra- Longline bras extend to your hip to provide extra support and slender waist areas. It provides your breasts to gain maximum lift and support. Longline bras of any style are best suited for women with larger busts.

6. Avoid lotions or creams- Avoid applying lotions, creams, or oils to help your bra stick to your skin for a long time. A strapless bra may not work if you apply powder or cream around your chest/bust. So keep your skin clear!

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List of some strapless bras that are easily available

 1. Clovia’s underwired backless strapless bra-

This bra is a perfect choice for all your glamorous outfits for a party. The bra has transparent shoulder straps and back straps that go invisible when worn under a deep back outfit.

2. Victoria’s Secret Multi-way Bra

This is a multi way strapless bra. The cups are underwired providing you with extreme lift. It has removable and adjustable straps which can be worn the classic way as well as a halter, single strap, or in a cross back way, whatever you like.

3. Le Mystere “Sensuelle” Convertible Underwire Contour bra

It has memory foam contour cups featuring graduated padding which offers natural shaping and provides an excellent lift.

4. Triumph Starry Floral Push-up Bra

This push-up bra with detachable straps offers soft padding having sharper wires. The cups are designed with delicate tulle lace. It has silicon grips on the side of the bra that keeps it in place.

Choosing the right bra is not as hard as you think. One can easily pick up the best-suited bra for themselves as per body size and type as well as bust shape. It does not matter whether you are wearing a gorgeous dress, if your bra is wrong, all else will be too! Try out different strapless bras available at Clovia and you will surely find the right fit for yourself!

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