Does your skincare routine need a makeover?

As you grow, the needs of your skin change too. The products you use influence your skin more than you might think. Some of your favorite products may no longer give your skin the nourishment it requires. Especially if you think of how your skin is affected by the natural aging process and by changes in your habits and lifestyles. Different stages in a person’s life require different skincare.

Teens are most likely to use different skincare products than those in their 30s. Teens may use products that fight acne breakouts and those in their 30s would probably prefer anti-aging products. It’s essential that we re-check our skincare products according to environment, age, skin type and such other factors.

True, that your skin concerns can be linked to a number of factors – but, sometimes, simply adding or replacing a product or two could keep your skin glowing and youthful!

So, how to tell whether your skincare routine needs a makeover?

Excessive dryness

Many times we attribute skin textures to genetics. However, it’s a good idea to re-check your skincare products too. Sometimes dry skin is also a by-product of excessive cleansing and oil stripping. Switching to products that are gentle on your skin and more importantly those that are hydrating is a good choice.

Your skin is off balance

So, again, having dry or oily skin determined by genetics, but at the same time, using the wrong products could also aggravate the problem. It’s necessary that you do not aggravate the oil production on your skin while balancing the dryness of your skin too. Re-check the products you use.

New freckles?

If freckles and dark spots seem to appear out of nowhere, the root cause could be either over exfoliation, post acne scarring or hormones. The effects can be reduced by selecting the right skincare products.

Super sensitive skin

Some people experience skin reddening by merely washing their face.  It could also indicate that the skin is reacting to some of the ingredients in your skincare routine. It’s time to throw away the harsh products and replace them with organic products that are kind and gentle on your skin. The fewer the chemicals, the better it will be for your sensitive skin.

Itchy skin

The first thing you need to check is your skincare products. Replace them with natural, organic products that are calming and help sooth your skin.

Caring for your skin is a part of feeling good! Pay heed to what your skin has to say.

Purvari’s rose petal mist and rose water is known for its natural goodness. It is made from 100% natural ingredients and has no side effects on your skin. Historically, rose petals have been widely used and known for their nutritious value in skin care. They have antioxidants, polyphenols and vitamin C that fight aging and restore skin health. Rose water also balances oil, reduce redness, tones, and hydrates the skin. It contains anti-inflammatory properties and visibly brightens skin too. If your skin shows any of the above signs, it’s time to change your skincare routine. Switching to a 100% natural product like rose water could be your safest bet – with long lasting effects.

So, does your skincare routine need a makeover?

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