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Drive Your Date Wild: 5 Most Attractive Scents to a Man

Fragrances have an incredible ability to evoke positive emotions. From comforting memories to a rush of excitement, a mere spritz of perfume can transport us to another time and place. It’s this power that makes choosing the right scent so important. Especially if you’re trying to turn a guy on and need some fragrance-based date night tips. Find here 5 Most Attractive Scents to a Man.

So, what are the most attractive scents to a man? Even though most perfumes are often designed as aphrodisiacs to appeal to the opposite sex, you might be surprised to hear that expensive perfume scents aren’t what drive men wild. Instead, scientific research shows that men are most attracted to floral scents and the aroma of sweet delights like cinnamon buns and pumpkin pie.

Wondering how to attract a man without smelling like baked goods? Keep reading to find out which scents to spritz on before your big date!

Most Attractive Scents to a Man

1. Cinnamon

Many romance tips encourage the use of aphrodisiac foods such as oysters and chocolate to stimulate your date. Although, cinnamon is the only natural aphrodisiac recognized in medicine. Cinnamon is known to promote blood flow and circulation, with scientists finding that even the smell of it was enough to facilitate an immediate sexual arousal response among male participants.


The aroma of cinnamon is both calming and invigorating, making it ideal for creating a relaxing yet sensual atmosphere for a date. But, how can you harness the power of cinnamon without resorting to baking a tray of pastries for your man?

While there are plenty of delectable women’s wholesale perfume options to choose from, two of the best for conjuring up the sweet smell of cinnamon buns are Dolce Vita by Christian Dior or Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds. Both of these fragrances use cinnamon within their middle notes, offering a subtle yet lasting hint of this warm and spicy scent – with no baking required!

2. Jasmine

The scent of jasmine has a stimulating effect on the human body, increasing markers such as blood flow, breathing rate, and skin temperature. Jasmine also lifts mood and has been used in the treatment of depression through aromatherapy.

While jasmine’s mood-boosting effect is an important part of the attraction of this heady floral scent, jasmine is also a well-known aphrodisiac fragrance. In fact, jasmine oil has been used in India for centuries as a natural remedy for improving libido.

It’s no wonder, then, that many perfume scents use jasmine in combination with other floral and fruity scents to create evocative perfumes that appeal to both men and women. Some of the most popular perfume scents with notes of jasmine include Byredo Flowerhead, Gucci Bloom, and Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge. Try one of these for yourself to feel how the rich, sweet, and warming scent of jasmine inspires confidence and sensuality in you and desire in your partner.

3. Vanilla

The sweetness and warmth of vanilla make it a popular ingredient in all kinds of women’s fragrances. But, the good news is, spritzing on a perfume with notes of vanilla is one of the best date night tips around.

Vanilla has been considered a natural aphrodisiac for centuries. As long ago as the 1700s, physicians recommended vanilla to their male patients as a way to improve their sexual potency. The welcoming aroma of vanilla produces a euphoric and sensual effect that can enhance your mood and drive men wild with desire.

And, while straight-up vanilla might seem a little too sweet, perfume makers are adept at combining vanilla with fresh light notes such as lemon and musky scents like incense. Some popular fragrances with notes of vanilla include Black Opium by Yves Sant Laurent, Thierry Mugler Angel, and Guerlain’s enduring classic, Shalimar.

4. Rose

Romance tips often suggest presenting a woman with a fresh bunch of roses as a symbol of love and passion. But, for all the women out there wanting to know how to attract a man, it seems that the male of the species is just as enamored with roses as women are.

The fresh yet heady scent of rose helps with circulation and blood flow. This brings to mind the first flush of love, with rose known for being a sensual and romantic scent that lifts our emotions and hopes. But these natural responses of the body are also important features of sexual desire and performance.

Floral favorites that include the delicate scent of fresh roses within their notes include Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs, Miss Dior Rose N’Roses, and the original Chloé for Women. Choose your favorite to spritz on before your next date and you won’t need to wait for long for your love to bloom!

5. Orange

The fruity notes of a fresh and zesty orange conjure up thoughts of summer, youth, and sweetness. As such, it makes sense that close to 20 percent of male participants tested for their arousal reaction to olfactory stimuli showed a strong arousal response to the scent of oranges.

But, in case you’re concerned about orange-based scents leaving you smelling like a fresh glass of OJ, perfume manufacturers often pair orange scents with soft florals, musky base notes, and creamy hints of vanilla to tone down the zesty hit of citrus. One of the best orange-based fragrances has to be Boss Orange, although Dior Dune, Orange Soleia by Guerlain, and Diptyque’s Oyédo are all big fruity favorites.

What is the most attractive scent to a man ?

Spritzing yourself with one of the most attractive scents to a man is sure to drive your date wild.

But, by far the most evocative scent of all is an air of confidence. So, whether you choose to spray on perfume scents laced with orange, cinnamon, vanilla, or indeed, anything else, the most important thing is to feel confident wearing that fragrance.

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