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Engagement Ring should not cost a Fortune?

Why do people even buy expensive engagement rings in the first place? Should getting engaged to someone you love be a financial burden? Of course not, this is supposed to be a wonderful experience and not one that will leave you bankrupt or in debts. Majority of men believe that the only way that they can get a beautiful lady to marry them is by proposing with ridiculously expensive rings.  This drives them into very poor choices and some end up buying rings they cannot afford to.  Cheap engagement rings are not as bad as people may think. In fact people should consider getting these beautiful and affordable rings to kick start their journey in marriage. The point is you don’t have to begin your Union in debts. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider getting cheap engagement rings:

  1. Expensive rings do not guarantee a long lasting marriage.

Buying an expensive engagement ring for your fiancée is not an assurance that you will have a long lasting or a happy marriage. How many celebrities have proposed to their girlfriends with very expensive diamond rings? Countless, yet their marriages did not take long to go down in flames. This is a perfect description of a loss. Perhaps these celebrities have plenty of money to waste and they might not care about the money they lose in these rings. Do you want to risk losing so much money to a lady who might not appreciate you in future? I am not saying that this will happen but sometimes marriages go sour. It is better to buy a nice engagement ring you can afford and you might actually end up having a beautiful and lasting marriage.

  1. Getting bankrupt for one ring?

This sounds very absurd yet some men do it. There is this backward tradition that a guy should buy an expensive ring if he wants an epic engagement. What most people don’t know is that this is no tradition but a marketing strategy. If you think spending a lot on an engagement ring gives you prestige then you are very wrong. If I buy a cheap ring what will people say? You are not marrying these people and what they say is their business not yours. Spend what you can afford and don’t waste your money because you might need it for something very essential. Your engagement is about you and your girlfriend and starting a family requires money. So getting bankrupt just because you want to do what others are doing is very ridiculous. Buying a cheap ring helps you spend less and save more.

  1. It’s the thought that counts, not the price.

The only thing that matters when you are proposing to your girl is that the two of you have genuine feelings for each other. If not then buying an expensive ring cannot change this.  Mack Zuckerberg, one of the richest men did not buy a diamond ring for his wife. This does not mean that he does not love his wife. His wife is perfectly aware of what his financial worth is but what really matters is the love they have for each other. If you happen to have a girlfriend who wants an expensive engagement ring then you should think again. A woman that loves will want to be with you regardless of the price of her engagement ring.  The good news is that many cheap rings look so good that one may think you spent a lot when you did not. Expensive rings like diamonds are just rocks anyway.

  1. You can use your money to invest on other things.

The price of one diamond ring is enough to invest in a lot. With the economy we have today, no amount of money is ever enough. It is wise to use money wisely  and invest whenever you can.  Let me put it in simple terms; buy a ring you can afford and invest your money. After marriage you will start having kids who you need to take care of.  The cost of your future life with you and your wife is much more important than a single engagement ring. Buying a cheap engagement ring does not mean you are poor rather it means you are economical. You can end up proposing with a cheap ring and a business to top it up.

  1. Does wasting money prove your love?

Women generally love money. They make mean comments about broke men on social media and wealthy men seem to be getting on higher grounds when it comes to wooing women. What some men don’t understand is that a woman who is attracted to you because of what you have is not really attracted to you. When you lose your property this type of women cannot tolerate you. Money is not and has never been a proof of love. If your fiancée to be is pestering you for a diamond engagement ring, what do you think will happen when you lose your job? A woman who loves you will not mind the price of your ring because all she wants is to spend the rest of her life with you.

  1. What if she loses the ring?

Human beings tend to be clumsy at times.  Imagine you spend a huge amount of money to buy your woman a ring then she loses it within no time. This is so painful especially if you had used all your savings or borrowed money to get her the ring. This is exactly why you should buy a cheap engagement ring. You can easily replace it the same way you buy a dress- without feeling any financial burden.

  1. Expensive rings create high expectations.

When you buy your girlfriend a ring you can hardly afford, you will accomplish your goal of impressing her. What next? This girl will be thrilled and think that you are financially loaded when you are actually not. She will expect a fancy wedding and that you will buy her expensive things when you get married. This is not in any way her fault since you already gave her a wrong impression of yourself. With a ring you can afford, you will have a good marriage with no high expectations whatsoever.

  1. Cheap but magnificent.

I have never understood why people would rather buy very expensive rings than buy affordable and good looking engagement rings. It’s always the thought that counts. There are many cheap yet good looking rings you can get for your engagement.  Love has never had a price tag on it so just buy what you can afford.


There is no need of punishing yourself by spending too much money on an engagement ring. Love is a beautiful thing and it is all that matters. Getting a loan and becoming bankrupt for one ring is just crazy. Men should learn how to stick to a sensible budget. A woman who loves you will not mind the price of the ring; instead she will appreciate the thought of marrying you. Buy a cheap but good looking engagement ring and kick off your marriage debt free.

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