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List of Delectable Desserts for the Sweet-toothed During the Quarantine?

We all know how much COVID-19 has affected our lives. From a complete lockdown of more than a month to some relaxation today; we have been through a roller coaster ride these days. But amidst this, we all have missed out on a lot of things and might be missing for the next few months. One of the main sufferers is the foodie souls who now do not have any option to go out and feed their taste buds. Hence, almost all of us have started trying our hands-on cooking in which some of us have become experts whereas some are still a mess. LOL!!! Find here – List of Delectable Desserts for the Sweet-toothed During the Quarantine?

Urgghhh!!! We are very much irritated with the idea of cooking but do not have the option to run from it. This is why we have come up with a list of delicious desserts that you can prepare at your home along with your home. So, let us begin with the list which can relieve you from hunger pangs.

Red Velvet Cake

Cakes are one of the most wanted desserts we can say seeing the scenario around. Yes, the main thing people are missing these days is a smooth creamy slice of cake. When coming to the cakeyyy world, red velvet has always been at the top. People love eating this cake and are looking out for new YouTube baking tutorials for baking the best red velvet cake. And yes of course, red velvet can also be the best birthday cake for the peeps that have their special day in quarantine.

French Macaron

The French macaron is one of the more beautiful-looking desserts, with two almond meringue whipped biscuits placed between a savory filling. Because they are famously finicky and difficult to make, these delectable treats are commonly purchased in upscale establishments and given as gifts. To enjoy these cookies, you don’t need to be an expert at beating egg whites and folding in almond flour. You may have macarons delivered to you or someone special from a variety of bakeries and businesses. Here are our recommendations for the top macaron delivery services.  The have macaron variations, as well as a flavor of the month, including Birthday Cake, Fruity Cereal, S’Mores, Boston Cream, Cosmopolitan, Champagne Celebration, and many more.

French Macaron

Apple Tarte Tatin

This is something you need to try as it is filled with the goodness of apple, vanilla ice-cream, and creamy caramel. You can bake this one at your home and serve some health along with taste. We bet your loved ones will be glad to gorge on this caramel-coated apple tart when served it along with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

Oatmeal Cookies

Why munch on a packet of Parle-G or Good Day, when you can have some delicious baked oatmeal cookies? Yes, bake a bowl of an oatmeal cookie with no butter, eggs, and leavening agents for sure. You will love these cookies and are going to bake them repetitively. All you need to add is some oats, brown sugar and some water to make these crispy-edged cookies. You can serve these oatmeal cookies along with a glass of oat-blended milk.

Banana Ice Cream

So, summers are here, and what can be better than a scoop once-cream in your food platter? Yes, why not prepare banana ice-cream with your dexterous cooking skills. Do not let these bananas rot in your freezer and instead take them out and put them to use. All you need is a bunch of bananas for making this ice-cream. Blend these bananas nicely in the food processor and then scrap the bowl completely for transferring the blended bananas into a bowl. You can refrigerate this and eat it after freezing for an hour or two.

Banana Ice Cream

Lime Posset

Are you not an eggy-tarian and still wish to have a delicious bowl of custard? Then, lime posset is all you need to make at home for yourself. This is the best pudding you can ever think of. It is very easy to make this as it needs only boiled cream, citrus fruit juice, and sugar. After mixing all these you can just refrigerate this and serve it to with some chocolate sauce on it.

Lime Posset

These are some of the scrumptious desserts which you should try during the quarantine. Moreover, it is a good way to distract oneself from getting bored and staying lousy the entire day. So, guys wear on your baking mittens and take the mixing spatula in your hand for making the best delicacies. But if you are not certain about your cooking skills, then ordering cakes online is always a good option for breaking your hunger pangs.

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