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2020 Engagement Ring Trends: Tips on Choosing Jewelry Based on Your Skin Tone

Engagement rings are undoubtedly exceptional. They represent the purity of love and commitment and signify that a relationship is bound to marriage. Although 2020 is about to end, it is still good to know what’s on-trend if you’re eyeing for that special ring.

8 Engagement Ring Trends You Should See

Like other types of jewelry, engagement rings are still subject to trends. From unique designs, colors, and various stones, engagement rings have come a long way since the traditional halo design. Below are eight engagement ring trends worth obsessing:

Floral Halos

The halo design will always remain a classic engagement ring. However, 2020 has given us the floral halo that is perfect for those who love floral designs. It is composed of a royal inspired center diamond surrounded by marquise-cut, round-cut, and pear-cut stones that resemble petals.

Geometric Halos

Another adventurous take from the classic halo design would be the geometric halos. It incorporates emerald-cut and square-cut around the edge of the center diamond to give a structural pattern. It is excellent for those who want trendy non-traditional rings.

Fancy-Colored Gemstones

Some prefer fancy-colored gemstones as an excellent alternative to diamonds. Sapphires are number one to most clients who love to add a bold splash of color to their ring. Moreover, others who like a dash of green to their ring often choose emerald.

Pastel Stones

Colored gemstones are still in this year. However, some opt to shift from the usual red rubies, pink sapphires, and blue sapphires towards more pastel tones. This is great for those who don’t enjoy bright colored rings or the usual diamond ring.

Stacked Bands

Stacked bands are back in trend. You can pair your engagement ring with two or three bands to make it pop and elevate. Some even come up with bands that have unique designs to give their engagement rings more edge.

Mixed Metals

For the past years, rose gold has been on-trend. However, it seems like more people are gaining interest in yellow gold. Those who choose mixed metals in their engagement rings desire to have a unique piece.

Lab-grown Diamonds

More and more clients opt to have lab-grown diamonds as an alternative to the usual earth-mined diamonds. Both types of diamonds carry their advantages and disadvantages. If you are eyeing for this one, it will help if you do some research first.


This year, custom design jewelry has gained popularity. For someone who prefers to have a unique engagement ring, custom rings are a great way to go. Jewelers offer this one of a kind experience that lets clients be part of. With a custom ring, you get to decide what type of stone, color, or design you would want.

How to Choose the Right Jewelry That Compliments Your Skin Tone

Suppose you saw your friend wearing this lovely jewelry that looked so good on her. Then you asked her to let you try it on. However, when you wore the jewelry, it didn’t feel the same way as when you saw your friend with it. One’s skin tone can make jewelry shopping quite challenging.

To help you out, here are three tips you should consider:

Know your Skin Tone

It is vital to know that skin tone is different from skin color. Skin color is the surface layer of the skin that is affected by the environment. For example, if you go to the beach for too long, you’ll get sunburnt. This means your skin changes into a darker shade, but your skin tone remains the same.

There are three primary kinds of skin tone: warm, neutral, and cool. If you have a neutral skin tone, you will look best with almost any jewelry. Moreover, there are different ways for you to determine your skin tone. You may consider looking at the color of your veins or observing your skin color’s behavior.

Find your Compatible Metals

Certain metals look right based on your skin tone. Silver, white gold, and platinum work well with cool tones. On the other hand,  rose gold, classic gold, and copper-toned metals complement warm tones. Lucky are those who have neutral tones since they look good both in yellow and white metals.

Find The Perfect Gemstones

Cool skin tone looks excellent with blue, purple, and red gemstones. On the other hand, warm skin tone looks great with green, yellow, and orange gemstones. Lastly, diamond compliments any skin tone.

Find the Right Pearls

If you’re not into gemstones, you might want to opt for pearls. There three different shades of pearls- traditional white, silver tinted, and rose-tinted. The cool tone looks great with white and rose-tinted pearls. On the other hand, silver tinted pearls match with warm tones. Moreover, warm tones can match with white pearls as well.

Consider Complementary Colors

You don’t have to do heavy research about color theory when finding the right jewelry for your skin tone. Basically, complementary colors are colors that create a strong contrast with each other when placed together. Hence, both colors won’t overshadow the other.

Cool tones match with red, pink, magenta, or blue. As for warm tones, brown, orange, green, yellow, peachy, and turquoise shades work well.


Keeping up with engagement ring trends and choosing the right jewelry for your skin tone sounds like a lot of fun. These lovely accessories will undoubtedly bring out your personality and are a great way to compliment your outfit. Moreover, jewelry pieces are not just lovely to look at, but they are also an investment.

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