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Everything About A Jade Face Roller That You Need To Know

Anti-aging and other skincare tools have been the most purchased tools by men and women. Among all the latest equipment and tools, it is always good to stick to the natural remedies that leave behind no harsh effects on the skin. One of such skincare tool is a face massager roller that is fitted with a rolling jade stone that is called as the ‘Stone of Heaven’. While the ones who use them are in love with the benefits it brings, here is everything about the jade face roller that helps the others who are unaware to not miss out on its beautiful natural advantages.

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History of Jadestone:

Jade Face Roller

You will not believe it but it is the fact – the jade face rollers have been in the market for quite a longest time and have been the beauty secret facial tools of the ancient Chinese, Japs and even the Egyptians. Every ancient Chinese woman had this at home and used it to look youthful and flawless. The stone is a gift from mother earth and is still found in the foot of the Himalayan ranges. It comes in the color of avocado green and has the natural property of cooling and beautifying the cells of the body.

Benefits of the Jade Face Roller

The massage roller that comes in the form of a jade face roller has amazing skin rectifying and enhancing properties. Some of its very essential benefits have been listed out over here.

● Anti-aging –

The jade roller is an amazing wrinkle reducer. As the stone is rolled all over the face, it triggers the production of collagen and elastin which are the skin tightening fibers. When these fibers may way on the facial skin, the wrinkles and the fine lines that appear slowly begin to fade away with the use of this facial tool.

Jade Face Roller

● Moisturization –

Jadestone in the jade face roller is known to be one of the stones that produce a cooling effect on the skin, with a massage using this massager roller, the skin pores and cells get moisturized and hydrated beautifully.

● Blemish Correction –

The stone has properties to reduce the puffiness of the face and also the dark circles around the eyes. When the jade face roller is moved all over the face, it fades away the dark spots and acne marks that are evident on the skin to give you a flawless glowing face.

● Detoxification –

As the massager roller is taken all over the face, it activates the lymphatic drainage that is found in the cheekbone areas of the face, with the activation of the drainage, all the toxins, and the excess fat cells deeply get cleared from the ace and this facial tool triggers the detoxification of the facial areas.

● Muscle Relaxation –

The face is one mode of communication. There is a lot of usage of the facial muscles and a good massage is needed to get the face relaxed. The jade face roller takes the role of a massager roller to destress and soothe the facial muscles and improve their way of functioning.

How to use the Jade Face Roller

Using this facial tool is very simple. You need to first make sure that you have to refrigerate it when before and after your use to have an effective facial massage. Here is what you need to do.

  • Wash your face and moisturize your skin with olive oil or a good moisturizer.
  • Take the jade face roller from the fridge and roll it over your face in the inside to outside direction.
  • Cleanse it well and refrigerate it again.
  • Do this twice a day – once in the morning and once at night.


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