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Basal Implants Slideshare – Everything You Wanted To Know!

In the dental medical sciences, there are many types of dental plantation treatments available. The process of dental implantation is used in helping to support one and many false bad teeth. It is similar to the tooth root and placed in the root of the teeth or it is a titanium screw which is used in the tooth root.

Basal Implants Slideshare

There are two types of implants,

  1. The implantation in the jaw bone which is known as Endosteal implantation and
  2. The implantation done in the gum of teeth, not in the jaw bone which is called as Subperiosteal implantation.


In dental medical science sometimes, the treatment is too painful. But the tooth implantation is less painful as compared to the tooth out. During treatment patient never feels too much pain, it is a normal anesthesia process. After a week a little pain may be possible in this surgery. During the surgery process or in the time of basal implantation. There are many best dentists in surgeon in Gurgaon. When a dentist process to the dental implantation. The doctor will first take some tests of the patient because the doctor needs the accurate details of the patient. They check if the conditions of the patient are reliable to the surgery or not. If the treatment needs natural or common then the doctor suggests to medicines and some basic practices. And if the surgery needed then suggest for basal implantation.

In the tooth implantation treatments Basal Implant one of the best technique now a days. Many of the doctors used and prefer basal tooth implantation treatment. In the gum disease and bad teeth the basal teeth implant is advanced technique and is more successful for any treatment of jaw bone treatment. Cortical implantation of the tooth is also called is a Basal implant. Because in the implantation uniquely design teeth are fixing in the surface of the tooth’s basal cortical bone.

The Basal Osseo Integrated is a part of the basal implant and lateral, posterior and anterior are also the three parts of this BOI. The Basal Cortical Screw is one of the types of this treatment. Both of the treatments are used to the strong cortical jaw bones of the teeth. In India there various dental implant clinic those give their best services.

In this process of treatment,

  • The Basal Osseo Integrated is inserted in the root of the jaw bone. This placed in the shape of ‘T’ in jaw slot.
  • The screws are placed in the gum, without any cut and any other hurt to tissues in the mouth. The old conventional implantation process is completed in many times and also a painful. The basal implant is completed in the 3-4 days. The unique designed teeth are extracted in the required place without any pain.

The flapless and keyhole method is used during this process. The X-Ray is needed before the treatment and as well as after, because the doctor is checking the positioning and accuracy of the teeth.

There are many advantages of this treatment over conventional and old implantation.

  • The basal implant surgery is too conventional and affordable for any of the people. From every dentist used to the basal implant surgery.
  • It is a not painful to the past implantations. It is not painful compared to the conventional treatments.
  • Sometimes during the dental treatment, more than one tooth plantation is required but in the basal treatment is a process of a single piece of implantation.

Sometime in the dental science, the problem occurs in teeth or gum. During gum disease, the gums are weak around the tooth. And sometimes the disease in the teeth like buck teeth, bad teeth or etc. then the basal plantation technique is used for the treatment. Sometime after the surgery bleeding is happen and the bleeding is made of red color saliva in the first 4 to 5 days the doctor recommended. So then the avoiding spitting that time and take medicines as per   There is not any requirement of grafting the bone. Usually, it is a very quick and fast process. In the time of peri-implant, there is no any complications occurs. The dental implant cost in India of the basal implant is too economical for patients.

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