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How To Help Your Loved One With Anxiety

Do you have a lot of anxiety? Are you looking for ways to reduce your anxiety levels? Here are some of the best ways to get help with your anxiety and have a normal life.

Best 3 Ways to Help Your Loved One With Anxiety

Understand The Different Ways Of Anxiety Manifestation

Due to evolution, people always respond with flight, fight or freeze. Depending on the person, one of these responses will be dominant. Most people with anxiety often freeze and bury their heads in the sand rather than deal with the issue at hand. Other people choose to fight and might become excessively perfectionistic, irritable and dogmatic.

When looking for ways to handle your anxiety, you need to understand how your anxiety manifests. For instance, if you feel an oncoming threat, you will be able to understand someone who is stressed or scared, acting out by being defensive or irritable and being compassionate. When you understand how anxiety manifests, you will be in a great position to tackle anxiety effortlessly.

Offer Support Depending On Someone’s Preferences And Attachment Style

If someone close to you suffers from severe anxiety, you need to find out what type of support they need instead of guessing. For instance, people with an avoidant attachment style (those who experienced rejection in their caregivers and relationships previously) will prefer strong displays of support. Here, you can help the person by breaking the anxiety-inducing tasks into manageable steps. If they need the help of a professional, get in touch with the Clarity Clinic.

Even better, you can talk through the specific options on how to deal with a difficult situation. For instance, you can guide them through how to respond to an angry email as they acknowledge their independence and autonomy. On the other hand, other people prefer emotional support. These are people who are securely attached or simply have a preoccupied attachment style. They have a huge fear of abandonment or often feel that their emotions are overwhelming to other people. People like these will respond well to being told they are part of a team.

For instance, you can support them by saying that although the current situation is tough, there is enough love to help them get through what’s happening. Keep in mind that these are simple generalizations. You need to offer support to your loved one who suffers from anxiety by observing what works in every situation. When you are close to someone, you can offer support based on understanding their anxiety patterns.

Use Any Insight They Have Into Their Anxiety In The Right Way

Does your loved one have any insight into their anxiety? Well, you can help them identify any patterns that might cause anxiety. If they are being irritable or fussy, it might be a sign that they are anxious. It’s easy enough to point out their habits and help your loved one calm down. It might not always be met positively but it might help. However, if you are using this method, you need to have their permission first. People who understand their anxiety might be compelled to give in to their anxious behaviors. For instance, someone might keep going to the doctor every week knowing there is nothing wrong just because they are anxious. If this happens, you should encourage your loved one to get help from a psychologist who can offer the best help with anxiety and related disorders for professional help.

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