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5 Factors to Check When Buying Marble Floor Tiles

Polished marble tiles reflect light to make the rooms appear more spacious while providing a touch of elegance. It is not just an upscale material. But, marble is also durable and easy to handle. You can install it everywhere in the house, even in wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

If you are considering marble floor tiles for your space, make an informed move. There are so many options in marbles that you might get intimidated. Choosing the right marble flooring is not so easy. 

Read here to find out five factors that you should check when you buy marble tiles for your floor.

  1. Understand the Natural Features 

Marble is a distinct natural stone used since ancient times. Every marble stone somewhat differs from another. It entirely depends on what you are purchasing and if it is ideal for your interiors. 

It will help if you choose the marble that is waterproof and heatproof. It is an enduring stone that offers a sophisticated look in any room. Your options are:

  • Polished Marble 

It is finished to a high sheen that reflects the beauty and grain of the stone. However, the finish might be slick and slippery, mainly when it is wet. You might need to put massive efforts to keep the polished marble clean.

  • Honed marble 

It is polished but to a much lesser extent. Though the flooring will not be as gorgeous, it is much more practical, mainly in high traffic areas or wet zones like kitchens and bathrooms. In these areas, a slightly rougher surface texture caters to you better traction.

  • Choose Slip-Resistant Marble 

The tiles floors tend to be slippery, and the kind of marble, as well as the finish, might impact the slip resistance. When you pick marble floor tiles and the finish you want, it is crucial to consider the slip resistance offered by every option. 

Marble floors with a polished finish have the least sum of slip resistance, especially when they are wet. However, marble tiles having a tumbled, honed, or brushed finish would have a higher slip resistance. 

The quantity of foot traffic you expect on your new marble flooring must help you decide whether you should go with a more slip-resistant finish.

  • Know the Quality of Marble

There are numerous reasons why marble tiles might be inexpensive. The main reason is clear quality. Inexpensive tiles are brittle and have shallow processing. Whether you like it or not, every marble isn’t equal in quality.

Good quality marble tiles are cut evenly via machines. They do not chip at the ends, and they are processed carefully. Different kinds of marble stones are flamed, polished, or brushed. You can consider the quality of the tiles by its thickness or even cost.   

Look for stones with a matte finish for your floors as they are great for your stair steps, floors, and thresholds as these don’t reflect light.

  • Where Will You Install Your Marble?

Before you make a purchase, you must know where you will install the marble. You cannot simply choose it and tell the professionals to install it in a specific area.  

For example, you must avoid using marble for countertops in the kitchen. Since marble is formed with carbonate materials, it is responsive to acids like the ones often found in coffee, fruit juice, salad dressing, alcohol, and soda.  

In case the stone gets connected with acid, etching will take place. It is a process that spoils the polish and leaves a dull, faded spot in the stone.  

 However, you can choose the marble for the living area, bedrooms, and other floors in the house. Once you have an idea about where you would install it, you can be more specific about the type of marble you need.

  • Take Proper Measurements

Before you purchase marble tiles, make sure that you check the exact requirement you are looking for. These things can be like size, thickness, style, etc.  

Then, you can finalise the tiles of diverse shapes, from huge rectangles to smaller mosaics. Once you know about the overall space, length, and breadth of your space, you can make a sensible move.

Hence, if you are all set to invest in marble floor tiles, make sure you do not compromise quality. Also, inspect every tile personally to remove the chances of any damage like cuts, cracks, spots, holes, scratches, etc. Buy the tiles from a trusted retailer after looking at the certifications it owns and customer reviews to know about the reputation. 

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