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Choosing the Right Earrings Every Time

Details matter in a woman’s outfit. A female might spend hours in front of her closet finding the perfect shirt and pants or dress only to ruin the outfit by choosing the wrong accessories. An excessive amount of jewelry looks garish and puts others off, while too little jewelry leaves the wearer looking plain and fading into the woodwork. Never allow this to happen. Sadly, many women become overwhelmed by the number of choices available and avoid wearing jewelry all together. They find it too hard to choose what adds to the outfit and what detracts from it. Earrings are a good example of this.

Earrings put the finishing touch on any outfit. However, finding the perfect pair remains a challenge for quite a few ladies. They worry about choosing a pair that is too big and overwhelms their face or a pair that is small and gets lost in the overall look. Should the earrings be in the same shade as the outfit, or should they select a contrasting color? These serve as only a few of the many questions a woman may have when selecting earrings. Choose jewelry for the occasion and the outfit, and do so without being overwhelmed with the help of the following tips.

Consider the Occasion

Earrings need to match the occasion. For instance, women need to wear small, unobtrusive earrings to a funeral and save their oversized, geometrical shapes for a night out on the town with friends. Large diamond earrings rarely blend in at a workplace but are great for a formal evening at the opera. Earrings that move when the woman does are appropriate when at a club with the significant other but can be a distraction at church if they make noise every time she moves.

Take into account the activities you will do before choosing earrings. Quiet places typically call for small earrings, and reserve oversized pairs for active locations and loud places. Keep the goal in mind when selecting. If you want to draw attention, wear big, bold earrings that make noise when you move around. When going somewhere quiet and sedate, go with small earrings over at Adina’s Jewels, women discover a range of styles to choose from and will find the perfect pair for any occasion.

Take into Account the Face Shape

Look for earrings that complement the face shape. Women with an oval face find they can wear most earrings with ease, although simple studs and triangular earrings highlight the cheekbones. A round face looks its best in dangle or drop earrings as they elongate the face and slim it. Never wear button studs, hoops, long circular earrings, or drop earrings with a round disc, as they emphasize the roundness of the face.

Complement a heart-shaped face with teardrop or chandelier earrings, as the wide bottom fills in the lower half of the face. The same style works perfectly for a woman with an inverted triangle face shape. A square face features hard edges, and women need to soften these edges with medium or long earrings with rounded edges. Never wear earrings with square shapes, as they emphasize the shape of the face. A long and narrow face needs round earrings to make it appear fuller.

Don’t Overdo It

Don’t assume more is better with earrings. The outfit dictates what styles women should wear. For instance, a bright bold pattern looks best when paired with muted earrings. Loud earrings in this situation take a gorgeous outfit and make it gaudy. On the other hand, a plain, sedate outfit becomes one other women will envy when flashy earrings are added. Work to find a balance between the outfit and the earrings for the perfect look.

A Mirror is Your Friend

Stand before a mirror and try different earrings with an outfit. Use the tips found here to see which work best. Only do so when you are wearing the entire outfit and use a full-size mirror to ensure the earrings coordinate with everything from the outfit and hairstyle to the handbag and shoes. Remove those earrings that clash with one or more parts of the outfit and narrow the choices to only one or two. Then compare them again to see which ones you should wear. Ask a friend for help with this task, especially one with an eye for fashion. Other women love to give their input on an outfit, and all it takes is for you to ask.


Make certain the jewelry pieces work together with the outfit rather than clashing. Small earrings can easily throw an entire outfit off if they don’t coordinate with other elements of the attire. Don’t match the earrings with the dominant color of the outfit. Choose one of the less prominent colors and wear earrings in that shade. This helps to emphasize the muted colors and brings them out into the open. When wearing a solid color outfit, choose earrings in a contrasting color. The color wheel becomes of great help at this time. Find the color of the outfit being worn and choose the shade directly across from in on the wheel for the earrings. This ensures the colors of the outfit remain harmonious while providing visual interest to your attire.


Don’t simply coordinate the earrings with the outfit. Take all accessories into consideration when selecting jewelry pieces. Women who work in the city often wear tennis shoes to walk to work after taking public transportation. Look at pictures of these women to see how the shoes detract from the entire outfit. Thankfully, these women typically change shoes once they arrive at their workplace because they want to look their best. However, their outfit when paired with tennis shoes shows how one item impacts the woman’s entire look. Don’t make this mistake.

When trying different earrings, be sure to see how they look with the handbag, other jewelry pieces, and shoes. Every detail needs consideration when putting together an outfit for the best results. This doesn’t mean all accessories must be the same color or shade. Again, use the color wheel to find complementary shades and put together an outfit sure to draw attention for the right reasons.

Take care when choosing earrings so they add to an outfit rather than detracting from it. Try different styles using the tips above to get earrings you love and want to wear regularly. With so many to choose from today, doing so has never been easier.

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