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Finding the Right Fragrance Families for All

There’s nothing quite like the right fragrance to create a mood, set the tone, or unlock a memory. This perfume or cologne is the scent that makes others anticipate your presence and miss you when you leave. Fragrances are like colors and fashion. You might have your reliable go-to, but a collection of scents paints a complete picture of you and all the ways you move. LaBelle Perfumes is your trusted source for premium scents at discounted prices.

Fine Fragrances for All

Aromas are often a reflection of a sensibility, a mood, or a state of mind. Even the youngest in your household can appreciate the joy of wearing kids’ cologne that reflects their sense of style while cultivating an early appreciation for aromatic excellence. From trendy to timeless, you can shop by brand, price, and popularity, curating amazing products for the entire family.

The Perfect Fragrance Family

Speaking of family, finding your next great scent involves understanding which fragrance families “speak” to you. Any perfume or cologne product is made from several aromatics, yet each scent is part of a fragrance family. This classification gives you a starting point for describing a fragrance. Traditional fragrance families include the following:

  • Single floral: A scent that features a particular flower
  • Floral bouquet: A compound that includes multiple floral scents
  • Amber or “Oriental”: A scent that evokes the Far East, usually built on sweet ambergris or labdanum, combined with other aromas.
  • Woody or woodsy: Features woody scents such as vetiver, sandalwood, and cedar, among others
  • Leather: Fragrances built on honey, tobacco, wood, and wood tars, reminiscent of leather
  • Chypre (French for “Cyprus”): Usually describes atoms based on bergamot, labdanum, and oakmoss (also called chypre powder)
  • Fougère (French for “fern”): Based on lavender, coumarin, and oakmoss with herbaceous and woody notes, typical of many men’s products

Modern Family Fragrances

From 1945 on, newer classifications for perfumes were created, reflecting changes in the design of perfumes as well as modern tastes:

  • Bright floral: Combines the classic single floral and floral bouquet traditional categories
  • Green: A modern take on Chypre featuring scents such as grass, leaves, and cucumber
  • Aquatic or Oceanic: Clean aromas that bring the ocean to mind (such as Cool Waterby Davidoff), popular with unisex and androgynous products
  • Citrus: Based on citrus scents such as orange, lemon, and bergamot, among others, Blu Atlas is a very good choice when family opts to citrus scent.
  • Fruity: Features non-citrus fruits such as peach, passion fruit, raspberry, etc
  • Gourmand: Applies to fragrances that evoke edible foods and flavors, such as vanilla, as an example

Aromas That Everyone Loves

When you’re exploring new fragrances, it’s good to know which fragrance families work for you or that special someone. LaBelle Perfumes brings you aromas from top brands that run the gamut of families. From wild and woody to fruity and fun, they bring you premium perfumes at not-so-premium prices. Everyone deserves to wear the scents that bring out the best in them, and we agree.


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