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The First Step to Flawless Makeup: Picking the Right Foundation

Wave farewell to dry cakey makeup as we help you find the most suitable foundation for soft, natural face makeup. As we all know, the right foundation can do wonders to your skin and make it look flawless. It’s all about knowing your skin and its needs better to find the perfect formula of foundation.

The point of your foundation makeup is to help your skin look its best and not to look like you’ve got layers of product on it. The best foundation makeup will smooth out your imperfections and make your skin look even.

Here’s all you need to know to find the right foundation makeup online:

  1. Find Your Undertone

The first thing you want to do is decide whether your skin has warm (yellow), cool (pink), or neutral undertones. One trick is to look at the veins on your wrist—if they look blue or purple, you’re cool; green or olive, you’re warm, and if they’re a mixture of both, you’re neutral.

  • Determine the Foundation Shade

How do you pick the best foundation that suits your skin tone? One of the most crucial steps is to find the right shade of foundation. The tip is not to choose a base that creates a fairer skin tone. A foundation should only be used to perfect your original complexion and thus look natural. The best place to assess whether a foundation suits your skin is your neck or jaw. The shade should blend in effortlessly and make for a flawless base for makeup. The right hue blends smoothly into the color of your skin and will not leave you looking ashy or ghastly. If it leaves a white cast on your face, or if it makes you look darker, then it’s the wrong shade.

To create a better match, you can even use two foundations and develop your own shade.

  • Select Your Coverage

Do you want complete, medium, partial, or sheer coverage? How much of your natural skin would you like to show through your foundation? You’re going to find the base colors in all the various coverage styles, so decide what finish you like best.

  • The Right Formula

Foundations come in a number of formulations, ranging from mousse and liquid to cream and powder. Many women hold back from applying foundation cosmetics because they don’t know if the formula is right for their skin type or not. Picking hydrating and moisturizing foundation cosmetics is always a good idea as it makes your skin look healthy. Cream-based foundation cosmetics from reliable brands like SERY offer buildable coverage and gives your skin a velvety touch. Moreover, it is a stick foundation that is easy to apply on the go and ensures a long-lasting effect.

  • Switch Foundation Cosmetics According to Seasons

Different seasons need different formulas for foundation cosmetics. As you may have noticed, our skin tone tends to be slightly darker in the summers, and paler in the winters. So the moment you see that your chosen base doesn’t work the way it should, it’s time to switch. It also helps to know the types of foundations that will work for you as you plan your seasonal wardrobes. For example, if your skin dries a lot during the winters, you can opt for a  cream-based foundation and not a powdered one.

Reliable beauty brands like SERY Cosmetics offer a range of creamy stick foundations that instantly hydrates your skin and makes it glow. Their range of Fix’ N’ Click foundation cosmetics is enriched with powerful antioxidants like red raspberry and white clay that enhances skin texture along with UV protection. So, make a wise choice and give your face a natural-looking finish and glow!

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