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Ways you can Remodel Your Back Yard

Back Yard Remodeling

When moving house or looking for a way to spruce up a home, many people focus entirely on the inside and forget the importance of having a pleasant outdoor space, especially in the back yard since no one can see it. That could be a big mistake though, especially if you’re remodeling your house in order to add value to it because according to experts, a well kept back yard can increase the market value of your house by up to 20%.

In light of this, you might be looking to remodel your back yard – be it for your benefit or to help sell your home. The thought of remodeling your outdoor space can be daunting, especially if you’re not particularly green-thumbed, but it needn’t be a mammoth task, as we’re about to explain.

Simple Changes

There are various different ways you can remodel your back yard to make it more appealing to both yourself and realtors/prospective buyers, with one of the most simple ways being the installation of a wooden outhouse or shed. That’s right, the top way to remodel your back yard to add value to your house (as well as functionality) doesn’t involve a single bit of landscaping.

You might be wondering why an outhouse is so appealing, but it’s really quite simple: convenience. You will need a place to store your tools, lawn mower and compost, and there’s no better place than an outhouse. In terms of living in your house, it will decrease the amount of clutter in your utility room and around your porch, but it will more noticeably make your back yard appear less packed and more organized. For home buyers, an outhouse gives off the impression that you care about your back yard and your home, plus, it’s something they can take advantage of when they move in.

You can paint your outhouse and add some boho chic with string lights or solar fairy lights which will really brighten up your back yard as night falls and add a contemporary feel to it. Depending on the interior of your home, outdoor lighting around the perimeter of your back yard and can bring it up to scratch with the rest of your house.

Another simple change you can implement is to invest in some good outdoor furniture. Ditch the plastic table and chairs and buy a matching rattan set to instantly lift the tone of your outdoor space and make it feel more luxurious.


If your back yard is in a sorry state and needs more TLC beyond installing an outhouse, lighting and furniture, landscaping is the next step. This doesn’t necessarily mean adding a million plants and shrubs. Getting your turf up to scratch is the first step. This can take some time, but it’s well worth it because a drab and dreary lawn will almost certainly bring down the aesthetic of your yard.  Alternatively, adding in a paved porch or replacing the turf with tiles can make all the difference, but it depends on what you use your back yard for.

A popular landscaping trend includes edging your back yard with plants, although this doesn’t mean you need to dig out a border. Potted plants are a little bit more low maintenance but they look equally as good and add life to your outdoor space. Not only does this do wonders for the overall aesthetic, but plants have so many health benefits which is why they should be a key part of your back yard remodeling project.

For real low maintenance landscaping, plant some climbers that will trail your fence or yard wall. It’s a really effective way to introduce some greenery and revamp the border of your yard which could give it a whole new look and feel.


If you have a large back yard and are a fan of sports like golf, why not remodel your back yard into a miniature golf course? With the help of some artificial grass and some imagination, you can bring all the goodness of the green to your home. Whether you’re doing it to improve your putting skills or simply to enjoy a casual game without having to leave your house, integrating a golf section into your back yard remodeling project is a worthy investment for those who love a swing.

What you decide to do with yard will depend on your preferences, but hopefully these suggestions have sparked a bit of inspiration. Whatever your plans, 2021 is the year to show some love to your outdoor space!

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