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Foot Heel Pain Treatment: Biomagnetism Therapy And Other Methods

Are you finding it hard to move due to foot pain? Well, you might be having this pain due to a variety of causes, such as injuries, overuse, medical factors, etc. The pain can be dull, along with redness, inflammation, and other such symptoms. In traditional foot heel pain treatment, R.I.C.E is the dominant procedure

However, there is a way to make the traditional foot heel pain treatment even better. Wondering what’s that? Well, it is known as an alternative treatment. These are gentle, natural methods of treatment. They have no side effects at all. Some even don’t require you to consume any meds.

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Let’s begin with the factors that might cause foot heel pain. Then, we can learn about both traditional and alternative methods to treat it.

Causes Of Foot Heel Pain

Knowing what might be causing your foot heel pain might help you seek treatment. Here are the possible causes-

  • The tissue connecting your heel bones and toes can get inflamed. This can lead to foot-heel pain.
  • Excessive calcium deposits at your heel bones can inflame the heel and toe connecting tissue. This might contribute to pain in that area.
  • In some people, the Achilles tendon can get inflamed, causing pain. It is the connecting tissue between the calf muscles and heel bone.
  • Putting too much strain on your foot can cause foot-heel pain. This can happen due to excessive physical activity.
  • Abnormal foot arches may cause improper weight distribution, causing foot heel pain.
  • Excessive body weight can put extreme amounts of pressure on your feet. This can potentially cause foot-heel pain.
  • Direct injury or trauma to your heel can also develop this condition in the long run.

Wondering what foot heel pain treatment options you have. First, let’s discuss the traditional treatment procedures for foot heel pain.

Traditional Treatments For Foot Heel Pain

The main traditional treatment method for foot heel pain is known as R.I.C.E. This abbreviation refers to rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Ice is applied to the inflamed area to reduce it. Wrapping the affected area in bandages helps with compression. This will provide support to your painting heels. Keeping your foot in an elevated area can minimize swelling.

You can also wear supportive footwear to enhance the process. Some people also benefit by massaging their heels with arm oils. If the pain is unbearable, medical experts will prescribe you painkillers.

All the traditional treatment methods are quite effective. However, do you know what can make it more effective? alternative treatments can.

So come on let’s discuss the various alternative treatments that can enhance the traditional foot heel pain treatment procedure.

Biomagnetism Therapy For Foot Heel Pain Treatment

Biomagnetism Therapy is a magnet-based treatment approach. In this therapy, the practitioner, with the help of opposing pairs of magnets, can identify and heal different ailments. Biomagnetic Pair Therapy can be a great option for treating foot heel pain.

Biomagnetism Therapy balances the magnetic field of your body. This improves blood circulation. With better blood circulation, more blood reaches your foot muscles. This will help nutrients and medicines reach the affected zone. As a result, your inflammation will go down, lessening the pain. The effects of this therapy can also release more endorphins into the body, the natural painkillers.

With this therapy, you can balance your pH level. The effects of foot heel pain can take your Ph balance above 7( The average human Ph). Your body becomes acidic, making you susceptible to infections. This therapy will bring the Ph back to normal and kill all the harmful bacteria.

This therapy, through better cell regeneration, will replace the destroyed cells of your tissues with healthier ones. So you can naturally heal from injuries.

There are other alternative foot heel pain treatment options, too. Read on to learn about them.

Alternative Treatments For Foot Heel Pain

There are several options in the world of alternative foot heel pain treatment. Here are your choices-


A form of body and mind technique that involves various poses and stretches. Yoga poses will increase your flexibility. The tensed muscles in your foot heel region will eventually relax through these exercises. Practicing Yoga regularly will also increase blood circulation lessening foot pain.


This ancient needle-based alternative treatment might help if you are suffering from foot heel pain. The specific placement of needles can repair injured tissues and improve blood flow. The needles need to be placed strategically for the treatment to work well.

All these alternative treatments are supposed to complement the traditional foot heel pain treatments. So do not use them as a replacement for the latter.

Precautions to be taken

The most important part of starting a treatment is consulting a health professional. They can decide the alternative treatment for you based on infomed medical knowledge.

Biomagnetism Therapy, though gentle, can be harmful for those with pacemakers and pregnant women. Yoga, if not done under expert supervision, can injure you even more.

Acupuncture needs to be practiced only by those who have expertise in it. Otherwise the treatment method won’t work for your foot heel pain.

FAQs About Alternative treatments for your foot heel pain

Q1: Can alternative treatments reduce foot heel pain?

Alternative treatments can actually enhance and speed up the process of recovery from foot heel pain. However, do remember that all alternative treatments might not work the same for everybody.

Q2: Is Biomagnetism Therapy a safe choice for foot heel pain treatment?

If you do not have a pacemaker or you are not pregnant, then you definitely give this treatment a try. You can heal gently in a relaxed manner with this therapy.

Q3: Can I try acupuncture for my foot heel pain?

If you do know an experienced acupuncturist trained in treating foot heel pain, you can give it a try. The treatment needs to be done properly for it to work.

For additional details and resources regarding biomagnetism practitioners.

Dr. Garcia, a prominent figure in the field of biomagnetism, boasts 14 years of extensive experience. His life’s mission revolves around bringing biomagnetism therapy to the masses and to achieve this, he conducts training sessions across the USA.

Furthermore, he offers online training programs to make biomagnetism accessible to a wider audience, and hundreds of his students are actively practicing biomagnetism therapy.

Some final words

So, are you ready to strut around without any pain again? So, find an experienced medical practitioner who can build a treatment plan combining both traditional and alternative foot heel pain treatment methods. Enjoy the best of both worlds and get a pain-free life.


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