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Going Beyond a Crucifix: Beautiful Christian Jewelry to Show Your Faith.

There’s no doubt that jewelry looks beautiful and stylish. But, it can have functions beyond the aesthetic too. As well as showcasing our personalities, jewelry is the perfect way to emphasize your values and beliefs. 

For Christians, jewelry serves as a constant reminder of their faith and a visual statement of their beliefs. 

While most Christians choose a crucifix, a cross necklace isn’t the only option for Christian jewelry. In fact, there are many different symbols to choose from when it comes to Christian jewelry for women.

Let’s take a look at some alternative Christian faith jewelry choices

Words, Verses, and Prayers

The Bible is full of verses and prayers that hold a lot of personal significance for Christians. When shopping for Christian necklaces, look for options featuring passages such as, “He is not here for He is risen” or empowering verses like, “Be strong and courageous”. Wearing these words can be a profound reminder of your faith as well as a stylish way to keep those words close to your heart at all times. 

Another option is jewelry featuring single words that resonate with you, such as hope, peace, believe, or faith. 


Necklaces, watches, and even rings featuring anchors are all good options if you’re looking for Christian jewelry for women or men. 

Although an anchor isn’t an obvious Christian symbol, it represents the hope and commitment you and your faith share. In the same way that an anchor holds on through rough seas and changing tides, your faith gives you the strength to hold on and stay strong. Specifically, Hebrews 6:19 refers to hope as an anchor for the soul, holding on firm and secure even during the most difficult of times. 


As well as guardians that take care of us, angels represent messengers from heaven. For many Christians, angels are a beautiful and meaningful way to remind themselves of their faith and the strength it gives them. 

Angel jewelry usually features a female angel with elegant wings and sometimes a halo. Angel pendants are one of the more popular Christian faith jewelry choices after a crucifix. Although, angels also feature on earrings, bracelets, brooches, and even hair accessories. 

Ichthus Fish Symbol

The Ichthus fish symbol is an enduring symbol of Christianity with several different references.

One of these references comes from Mark 1:16-18 where fishermen followed Jesus, the Big Fisherman, to become fishers of men. A second reference is that Ichthus means fish in Greek, with the first letters of Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior in Greek spelling out the word ichthus. And, finally, during olden times, this double-arc fish symbol was a way for persecuted Christians to identify each other in secret.

As a simple yet meaningful symbol of Christianity, a lot of handmade Christian jewelry features the ichthus. It also works well as earrings and a pendant as an alternative to a crucifix. 

Show Your Faith With Beautiful Christian Jewelry

A cross necklace might be your go-to choice for everyday Christian faith jewelry. But, as this selection of Christian jewelry options shows, there are plenty of alternatives to crucifixes if you’re looking for another way to show your faith in style.  

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