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5 Ways to Make Beautiful Artificial Flowers

I know the dreadful feeling of getting back home while feeling displeased. After you return from visiting a neighbour or relative, everything about your place seems to be a little “not so okay”. But instead of jumping on the bandwagon to purchase expensive goods, one should look for unique ways to add some impact to your place.

Despite having a wide range of flowers existing in nature, there is still a need to have artificial flowers at home. Since the prolonged usage of natural flowers make them whiter, we have come along with an easy and durable method to keep the vibrancy alive for the longest of time. The best substitute for flower lovers comes in the form of artificial flowers. 

There exist an extending range of material which can be utilized in the process. As convenient as tissue paper to as expensive as formal clothing can be used to adorn your place with artificial flowers. We love the way one can be so creative in making beautiful artificial flowers.

Creative Ways To Make Artificial Flowers

Well, it’s obvious that no artificial flower can ever replicate the true beauty of nature. But, let me tell you, various methods result in flowers, so exquisite that some of them look so gorgeous and realistic. We have gathered for you five such easy methods for beautiful blooms which require no extra effort.

Crepe Paper Flowers:

Crepe paper is the perfect material to suit your demands. They have the specialty to cover almost all details of original flowers. Apart from the closest replication, the wide colour range makes it possible to get your desired colour theme at almost any time of the year.

This is a collection of flowers made from tissue paper. These Mexican tissue paper flowers were on display on a table for a fiesta event in the city center of San Antonio, Texas.

Now, lets’ begin with the process!

A very simple and effortless style involves making a fringed paper flower. For this purpose, you must have materials including coloured crepe paper, a thin wire and glue to stick it all together. Begin the process by cutting the outer body of the flower with a fringed pattern. Keep it aside and prepare the stamen by wrapping green paper over a wire to give the stem’s effect and place the core bud on top of it. Now assemble the flower by sticking the fringed body to the stamen. Add leaves by the end, if required, and your flowers are ready to adorn the place with their beauty. Apart from fringed style, you can create other patterns, including round or pointed petals as well.  

Felt Fabric Flowers:

Since flowers are known to have a calming and real impact, they are vital for adding charm to your place. Though artificial flowers may not be as soothing, but they can still have a therapeutic impact.

Felt flowers add a very soft vibe to your place. Imagine an entire corner set up with blue pottery items. A patterned jar placed beside a blue pottery tray and some wall hangings above. Sounds pleasing enough, right? But what if I tell you there’s more to add in the corner? Yes, Lavender flowers perfectly complement the blue décor while spreading their therapeutic vibes around. Lavender flowers are known for their soothing fragrance and calming colour tone.

Though handcrafted flowers may not emit fragrance, they can still add a classical impact to your place. You require felt fabric, a printed template for lavender, cutter, and green wire for the stem for the purpose.

Now, start by grabbing and crafting your tools. Cut the fret as per the downloaded template. A better cutter is required for greater precision, but even if you don’t have that, a regular scissor can also work. Now crumple the flowers to give them a natural and softer look. Once done, embeds the lavender patterns in the green wire, and your lavender flowers would beautify your place. Buy blue pottery products online and pair them with these lavender flowers for a gracious outlook.

Wedding Bouquet Flowers:

You wouldn’t have thought of making wedding bouquet flowers at home! Well, but now you can! There’s no need to pay bucks of money for a task simple enough to be carried out by yourself.

I understand your notion for everything to be perfectly fitting on your wedding, but our easiest DIY way to make your wedding bouquet is not going to let you get disappointed by the end.

Before jumping onto the process, get hold of the material you would be needing. The list must include white and yellow crepe paper, scissors, hot glue, wires stems and a wire cutter. The process is fairly simple. Start by cutting three stripes (two of white and one of yellow) of 2 by 1 inch. Roll them together and cut the upper side into fringes. Now cut white flower petals as per the downloaded template. Sandwich the wire in between the fringed body. Now, sequentially apply each petal on the outside of the fringed body. Wrap paper coverage on the outside to give these flowers the outlook of a bouquet.

Paper Dahlia Flowers:

It’s one of the simplest and one of our favourite flowers to make. If you are rushing out of time, this type is for you. Simple, take any coloured chart paper and cut multiple flowers out of it. Just stay cautious that all preceding flowers need to be smaller than the first one. Stick together all these flowers such that the flower expands towards the outer side and tada! Dahlia flower is ready!

Painted Rose flowers:

Amidst, longing for simple rose flowers, which have become quite common. Why not add a variation for painted rose flowers? Yes, pretty easy and quick process, demand no extra effort. You need to start by placing the trimmed crepe paper petal on a plate (which should be placed upside down). Start packing water colours to the paper. Once done, let the petals dry (you can either microwave them). Curl the ends of a petal a bit. Fold and layer them together to a perfectly blended coloured rose flower on your own.

Cropped image of a womans hand with nail polish holding a flower arrangement in a glass vase with water

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