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Guide to Exfoliating Skin Safely

When it comes to exfoliation, this removes your dead skin cells particularly from the outer layers of your skin. You should remove any dry and dull skin as this can increase blood circulation and even brighten and enhance the skin’s appearance. Different methods are present for exfoliation. Skin type determines which method one should employ and also how often they should exfoliate. It is also important to keep in mind that for some skin conditions, such as rosacea, it is better to not exfoliate.

What should be used to exfoliate?

Different methods along with tools are present to exfoliate skin. The facial scrubs as well as brushes are types of mechanical and physicalexfoliation. The acids plus skin peels are types of chemical exfoliation.

Mechanical exfoliation

When it comes to the mechanical ones, you can get an exfoliating brush, exfoliation sponge, exfoliating glove and exfoliating scrub. An exfoliating brush is often a bristle brush employed on the face or also the body to get rid of layers of your dead skin cells. There are some that are made for dry brushing whilst others can be employed with a facial cleaner and also body wash.

An exfoliation sponge is a gentler way that one can exfoliate their skin. It is possible to lather the exfoliating sponge with some warm water, soap, or even body wash when in the shower.

Those who find brushes and sponges tough to grip, can employ a glove. You will lather this with soap or your body wash in the shower. These are able to be better for large areas like legs and arms.

An exfoliating scrub is able to be applied directly to your skin utilizing a gentle and circular motion. It is possible to wash the skin with some warm water after you have applied the scrub.

Chemical exfoliation

Here you can find alpha-hydroxy acids and beta-hydroxy acids. Examples of alpha-hydroxy acids are glycolic, lactic, as well as critic acids. They function by breaking apart the bonds that are holding dull as well as dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. They allow the skin to be able to naturally shed dead particles.

Examples of beta-hydroxy acids are beta hydroxyl as well as salicylic acid. If you have acne-prone skin, these may be used.

Exfoliate skin according to skin type

If you have dry or flaky skin should not opt for mechanical exfoliation as the process is drying moreover it can result in micro tears. It is better to choose alpha-hydroxy acids here. Glycolic acid will aid in getting rid of dead cells that are sitting upon the surface of your skin and even encouragehealthy skin turnover. After employing glycolic acid, use a SPF as well as moisturizer as it can make skin more likely to be affected by the sun.

People with sensitive skin should use some mild chemical exfoliator which they should apply with a clean gentle washcloth. If you have oily skin it is better to pursue manual exfoliation as well as brushing. Those with normal skin can select any method of exfoliation. Combination skin may need a mix of mechanical as well as chemical exfoliation. Do not use both on one day because it can irritate the skin. When the skin feels dry after the exfoliation, use a moisturizer.

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