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Reasons why you are having premature aging signs

Aging is a process of life but we all want to prevent it. It is a natural desire of all human beings to live and look young forever. Just like anything else, our skin also goes through the process of aging. However, some of us suffer from the signs of premature aging that become visible on our face sooner than expected. Here are a few reasons of premature aging:

Excessive sun exposure:

Sun exposure is one of the biggest signs why we age quickly. Sun exposure speeds up the process of aging as UVA and UVB radiations break the collagen in the skin and due to which, elasticity of the skin decreases. As a result, wrinkles start appearing on the face. The excessive sun exposure also causes the skin to darken to increase production of collagen. It is therefore advised to wear sunblock whenever you are performing outdoor activities of any type. You can also buy beauty collagen supplements to fulfill your skin needs of collagen

Poor sleep patterns:

Researchers have found that when we don’t get enough sleep, we don’t give our brain enough time to take rest and regenerate fresh skin cells. This way, poor sleep patterns or bad quality of sleep is strongly connected with the early signs of old age that appear on the face

Increased intake of caffeine and alcohol

The skin loses its shape and elasticity when it is dehydrated. Alcohol and caffeine both tend to dehydrate the body. So, if you feel that aging signs are appearing on you face or your skin is getting a little saggy, you must reduce or completely cut down on alcohol and caffeine intake

Increased stress:

Stressful life has perilous effects on your life. When you are leading a stressful life, you are actually reducing the quality of everything including your skin. There is a significant hormonal imbalance when you take stress and it always leads you to age faster than normal individuals. In addition, stress is always more visible on your face than other part of body

When you have unhealthy eating habits:

Eating more and unhealthy leads to obesity and many other health disorders such as hypothyroidism and diabetes. Obese people have more inflammation in their body than normal people. The rate of shortening of telomeres increases due to inflammation in the body. Therefore, lose weight as soon as possible and get away with premature aging signs 

In order to prevent aging due to unhealthy eating habits, we should healthy food full of necessary nutrients and water content. We should try to stay away from carbohydrates and foods full of saturated fats.

Having dry skin:

People who have dry skin often face the problem of premature aging. Dry skin generally has less moisture naturally due to which, it tends to get wrinkles soon. This is the reason people with dry skin are always recommended to use moisturiser and have a moisturising skin care routine.

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