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Here’s Why Medical Insurance Plan Is Essential for Every Women.

In today’s day and age, the term ‘Feminism’ has gained so much importance, challenging traditional notions of gender equality. Women across the globe and in India have come a long, long way!

With equal access to quality education and jobs, women are surprising the world with their achievements, making millions of others follow them. While the transformation of women’s role in society from being caught up with domestic responsibilities is commendable, the story has a flip side.

Women often fall prey to unsound lifestyles to balance their household chores and professional commitments, which takes a toll on their mental and physical health. Therefore, women must realize the importance of being financially secure and taking care of their lives by deciding to invest early in medical insurance plans for themselves. So, what does women’s medical insurance plan cover?

1. Health-Related Concerns Unique To These Plans.

2. Hospitalization And Maternity Costs

3. Coverage For Personal Accident.

4. Covers Pre And Post-Hospitalization Fees For The Care Of Serious Diseases (critical illnesses).

  • Rise In Critical Diseases

Here’s why it imperative for women to buy a medical insurance plan:

According to the statistics released by the World Health Organization, more women have been diagnosed with cancer as compared to men in the past ten years. Breast cancer, followed by cervical cancer, had the greatest number of cases. All women are more prone to osteoporosis and bone disorders than men because they have lower bone tissue.

To combat such diseases, women often have to sell their property and valuables. Therefore, taking robust medical insurance plans with a critical illness cover will significantly minimize the financial burden.

  • Enables saving money on taxes.

The premiums you make on your medical insurance plans help you save tax incentives of up to Rs.25,000 a year under Section 80D. You can purchase a family floater plan to derive full benefits and protect the whole family against rising medical costs. The medical insurance plans are an essential tax-saving instrument apart from providing you a medical cover.

  • Financial security For Maternity Expenses

In the last few years, pregnancy costs have risen exponentially. Regular delivery costs range anywhere between Rs.35,000-50,000 in a decent hospital, and a cesarean can cost more than Rs.1 lakh.  What starts with regular check-ups, ultrasound, and medicines transitions into hospitalization, pre-and postnatal care, etc.

It’s a fact that the cost of maternity care has rapidly increased. These expenses can have a significant effect on a family’s savings without insurance coverage. Thus, it is beneficial to purchase health insurance plans that include maternity expenses.

  • Change in the Lifestyle.

Women have become more vulnerable to hypertension, diabetes, and polycystic ovary syndrome because of changing lifestyles over the past few decades. They handle not only their homes but also their careers and families, raising the stress factor. Therefore, women are expected to invest in medical health insurance plans.

Women’s Special Health Care policies

While there are not many medical insurance plans explicitly tailored for women, you will still find several medical insurance plans meeting women’s emerging health needs like cover for pregnancy, critical illnesses, hospitalization, and much more. There are many reputable insurance companies like TATA AIG that provide medical insurance plans designed specifically for women. These plans take care of a woman’s simple illness to critical emergencies.

For women of all age groups, investing in medical insurance plans is necessary. Different medical policies include different benefits for various stages in a woman’s life. For example, you must check whether the package you choose to invest in gives you various choices, such as selecting an annual or monthly premium, the deductibles, waiver benefits, cashless hospitalization, and much more. Make a wise choice and take the responsibility of your health into your own hands. More power to you!

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