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Be your Own Tattoo Designer.

Do you love body art? And not seeking to make the first tattoo on your body? The decision might be tough but you can strategically make the solution. If you have all the materials, then you can start practicing too. Practice makes a man perfect and you will be able to make a good tattoo from basic practices.

How to start?

Choosing a perfect machine is the main task. You can choose a rotary machine for your tattoo tasks or can get an individual shader and liner. A rotary machine is perfect but in new hands, it may create hazards too. Creating the lining and shading is the main task. So, you can get a one-liner machine and another shader machine. You can easily start with new tattoo guns.

There may cause many issues as the tattoo may not be perfect. So, we can use stencil machine and/or temporary ink to draw the first one. It will not be a permanent tattoo. So, it will disappear soon!

On the other hand, some tattoo kits come with practice skins, where you can draw and practice. After some good practices, you can try a permanent tattoo on your skin. In the meantime, for all kinds of practices use black color. It will be a good color for practice and check perfection.

Raw to Perfection

Creating something needs practice and dedication. So, you can get it done also. In the beginning, you can draw on practice skins and use temporary colors. These inks will allow you to draw more tattoos on your skin that may disappear after few days. You can also consult a professional tattoo artist about your journey.

As much as you practice it will be easy for you to draw a permanent tattoo with your tattoo guns. Tattoo guns are with different features in these days. There are liner and shader these days who perform individually to make nice line art and shades. You can use a set of tattoo machines to start practicing.

Rotary machines are expensive, these tattoo machines are able to control speed, shading types, and many other important things. So, it is a better product. But for new tattoo artists or practitioners, you need to use basic machines. Rotary is an advanced machine for your practice.

Tips for perfection

There are many other ways you can make yourself perfect in tattoo works. You have to have the determination and dedication to get the thing done. You can follow the tasks below to get things done in the shortest time:

  1. Practice making tattoos with temporary skin and inks.
  2. Use black ink to make the firstly made tattoos
  3. You will get better ideas on lining and shading
  4. Start working with Liner and Shader machines, will be better to manage them for regular works
  5. Use of practice skin may give you better results

You have to make yourself habituated with tattoo works and need to have more practice. When you have control of the tattoo machine, you can create something better. The whole concept is to practice and perfect.

How you become a professional

Tattooing yourself is not a perfect solution all the time. You can start tattooing on your skin but for more perfection, you need to practice on others’ bodies. So, you can try out with your friends and relatives to give them a free service of making a tattoo. Convincing them with your skill and the small task will make you more professional.

Final Words

You may have confusion and awkwardness about your skill. But day by day you have to achieve it. So, be your own tattoo designer with full dedication and perfection.

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