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Home artefacts to keep your home décor relevant

Home décor is considered as a forte of women however these days’ men are equally interested in creating a new and unique look for men. Men’s interest in home décor has led to a considerable change in the way home artefacts are chosen and placed in modern homes. Off-beat items like hookah are being considered as items that can create a unique ambience to your home informs Rugs, vases, antique art pieces can be used to create a center piece in your living area to provide that bliss and ambience while you sip on that hot coffee of yours.


Hookah the offbeat artefact

Hookahs used to smoke a few years back are fast becoming favorite artefacts among people who take their home décor seriously. This is one artefact which speaks volumes of your taste and will provide an ambience that gels with the modern living style but will retain its ancient rich history and culture. Natural marble, sandstone, wood, clay and brass make up a hookah that you can flaunt at the center of your living room. Giving a Persian or ancient Chinese or Indian look to your home is very much possible and viable with the best hookahs available in the market.

The best hookahs

Coffee table a place to treat

Serving guests with the best coffee and homemade cookies in your living room on a coffee table with an ethnic look gives you the pride and satisfaction of being the perfect host. A coffee table will also become the showcase of your taste and lifestyle when you keep books, magazines and periodicals of your interest on it. Waking up in the morning and laying your hands on a cup of tea along with a book of your choice on your coffee table is the best start of a morning. Your coffee table is an indicator of your taste and hosting skills.

Rugs define your taste

Persian rugs are a luxury and a select few can afford them. There are numerous other rugs available in the market that can change the look and feel of your home. Having a rug in your living room defines the boundaries of your living room. This is one piece which can be moved to any corner of the room to create an activity area or a no bounds area. Having a rug in a tastefully decorated home is something you need to have without any excuses.

Vase for that beautiful look

A vase adds personality and character to your home. They are the most versatile and interior décor accent being used form a long time. A vase never gets out of fashion. You can create a new theme almost every day for your home with the help of the vase you have places in your living room or even in your bedroom. Changing the flowers will surely enable you to create a new story and a new ambiance for your home every day. A vase is an essential part of any home and forms the perfect gift item for a housewarming ceremony


Aquarium to keep aquatic life inside your home

How about watching fishes of different colors swimming in an reef aquarium the whole day? A reef aquarium will let you create an ambiance that will keep you many steps ahead of your peers in terms of home décor. You can’t let the fish and the aquarium have a dark space to fit in. As the light works for humans, these living beings crave light and oxygen similarly. Led aquarium light is permissible and in most cases, it works flawlessly as only the combination of the red and blue spectrum is required in the aquarium.  Having rocks, pebbles and other marine life inside your aquarium will help you create an ultra-modern look inside your home. Don’t worry about feeing the fish when you are out since holiday meals are available that can keep them fed for weeks. An aquarium is a sign of prosperity and keeping it inside your home attracts prosperity.

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