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How to Apply Perfume and Make It Last All Day

Did you know you could have been applying your perfume incorrectly your entire life? Many women make the same common mistakes when it comes to perfume. These women don’t realize that they are negatively affecting the way their perfume smells or shortening its durability.

In this article, we discuss topics such as how to choose a perfume, where to apply perfume, and how to put on perfume. You’ll get key tips that will change the way you wear perfume. Continue reading if you want the best scent possible.

How to Choose Perfume

When it comes to learning how to choose a perfume, you need to consider its scent group. The four types of perfume scents are warm, woody, oriental, and fresh. While you can absolutely wear whatever type of perfume you prefer, keep in mind that certain skin characteristics change the way perfumes smell.

For example, those with oilier skin will make a perfume smell stronger, which is why they do best with softer top-note perfumes like lavender and other floral scents. In contrast, those with drier skin need a stronger base-note scent and do well with scents like sandalwood or vanilla. You can find both of these kinds of perfumes at Perfume Price Co

Know Where to Apply Perfume

Knowing how to wear perfume is as important as which perfume you choose because of the way your body activates the scent. One of the most common places to apply perfume is on your body’s pulse points. These are where you would typically feel for your plus, such as on your wrist, just below your ear and jaw, behind your knees, and on your chest.

These areas are especially warm compared to other areas of your body. It warms the perfume enough to be aromatic and well-rounded. Avoid applying perfume to your hair because it can dry out your strands and leave them vulnerable to damage. 

How to Put on Perfume

Knowing how to put on perfume is also important in achieving the best possible scent. Avoid rubbing the perfume into your skin and instead allow it to dry naturally. Rubbing the perfumed area can cause the product to evaporate faster or heat too much, which both alter its smell. 

Some people also like to wear perfume by spraying it into the air and walking through the mist. You can do this before or after dressing depending on if you want your clothes to smell like your perfume as well. It’s a great way to take on a light scent, but make sure the perfume is non-toxic or hold your breath while walking through the mist. 

Wear Your Perfume with Confidence

Wear your perfume with confidence using the above tips and tricks. Remember to choose a perfume that compliments your unique skin type for the perfect scent. Also, make sure you apply perfume in optimal areas such as your pulse points for an attractive scent.

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