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RV mattress sizes and types explained

RV or recreational vehicles are popular all over the American continent. They have been popularised by the motorist and nature lovers and as they offered a carefree lifestyle traveling around places. Though in the later years of its inception they were more popular as vacation cars which could be taken around with your friends and families to your favorite places where you could camp with your kids and spend time in the lap of nature. RVs were popular as they were considered portable homes where you could stay for an extended period. They were equipped with water tanks, lockers, a small kitchen, and a bed. With further evolution of RV into a comfortable home away from home stay a wide variety of accessories associated with offering comfort in an RV popped up. One among them was RV mattress types. There was a special RV mattress that was more comfortable and durable and offered you comfort like home. In the following article we will briefly discuss various RV sizes and types of RV mattresses that are available in the market and how you would choose the right mattress for your RV.

Size of RV mattress

RV mattress sizes are different from the regular mattress sizes but they enjoy a similar name. RV mattresses are customized versions of the regular mattress that are sized and made durable to fit into the conditions of an RV.

Below is a chart of RV mattress

RV mattress sizeDimensions (width x Length)
RV Twin28”x75”- 40”x80”
Truck35”x79” 42”x80”
Bunk28”x75” 30”x75” 30”x80” 34”x75” 35”x79”
RV Full53”x75”- 54”x75” 55”x75”
Queen mattress48”x75” 48”x80” 60”x74” 60”x75” 60”x80”
King mattress72”x75” 72”x80” 76”x80” 72”x84”

Twin RV Mattress:-These mattress types can be adjusted in any cramped spaces as they are the smallest RV size mattress measuring 28 by 75 inches or 28 inches by 80. They are multitasking mattress and can be alternatively used as a chair

Truck Size mattress:-Consider it for taller individuals as these mattresses are bigger in lengthwise measuring 35 inches by 79 inches and 42 inches by 80 inches. They are popularly used in the cabs of semi-trucks.

Bunk Size Mattress:-The size of this measures from 28 inches by 75 inches to 30 inches by 80 inches. This is a family-friendly mattress often used during tours that lasts longer than usual.

Full or Double size RV mattress:-Full or Double sie mattress measures at 53 x75 inches and are an inch smaller than the regular full mattress. They are the perfect mattress for a couple.

 are several bed dimensions for this type of mattress they are as follows:-

  • A standard Queen measuring 60×80 inches
  • A three quarter queen mattress measuring 48×75 inches
  • A short queen mattress measuring 60×75 inches

King RV mattress:-The most comfortable and durable mattress with bed dimensions of 72 x80 inches is narrower than the standard king mattress. This mattress also suits taller people better.

Apart from finding the right size RV mattress, it is also important that you find a comfortable comforter to accompany your RV to bear the harsh weather wherever your RV takes you to.Comforter sizes are not standardizedmaking it difficult for you to choose the right comforter for your RV mattress but at the same time, even RV mattresses do not match the regular standard mattress therefore it is better to measure your mattress and find your comforter accordingly.

RV mattress type

Since we are clear about the right size of the RV mattress we can now discuss the different RV types

In general, there are generally three types of perfect mattresses for use inside of RVs, those are memory foam mattresses, conventional innerspring mattresses, or latex mattresses. For those who need a normal size bed, they’re pretty much all you’ll ever need. The biggest problem is trying to find a good one in this day and age when there seems to be as much to choose from as there is to be sold. Even worse, some people feel as though they have to compromise just to get the right RV mattress for their needs. However, to help you out here are the most common types of RV mattress available on the market today:

Memory Foam Mattress – These are excellent options for those who like to camp often or even do nighttime RV trips. They are not only comfortable but provide a wonderful, warm and supportive sleep surface that is great for RV sleepovers and those special nights in the RV that can’t always be turned into regular sleeping periods. Unfortunately, there seems to be quite a bit of confusion regarding these particular mattresses by the manufacturers. Some suggest that you should never buy one for your RV because it tends to mold to the shape of your body. However, most agree that once you wash it and treat it well, it will still perform like new while providing you with a restful and comfortable sleeping surface.

Latex Mattresses – Surprisingly, many consumers don’t realize that these types of mattresses are available for RVs. However, if you are looking for a special type of bedding that is more durable and does not slip off when you make sudden movements, then this is something to consider. It is also important to note that many manufacturers of these mattresses have the option of offering you a chance to buy two mattresses to put together in one kit. That way, if you find the first one doesn’t work well, you can exchange it for a new one without having to pay twice for it.

Conventional InnerSpring mattress:-Innerspring mattresses are recommended for durability and comfortable over-rides. They are more adapted to hot environments. They are economical and keep you within budget when you are amidst a long trip.

Apart from these above mattresses, another type of mattress known as the air mattress is also popular among campers as they are lightweight and inexpensive in comparison to these above heavyweight mattresses. but they are not durable or reliable as they could give away with the smallest puncture.


Choosing a perfect RV mattress is not that difficult task if you know where exactly to look.Before buying any RV mattress know the size specifications of your RV. This will help you select your RV mattress with ease and choose a mattress that is durable and offer pressure relief t.o specific areas to withstand the regular bumps and tears that come while traveling

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