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How to Determine the Right Setting for Your Diamond Engagement Ring?

If you have meticulously planned out the moment you will pop the big question and have chosen the perfect diamond for your engagement ring, all you are left to do is pick the right setting.

Choosing the apt diamond engagement ring setting is quite crucial, as it decides the final look of your prized possession.

Top consultants provide detailed James Allen reviews and insights on other such brands about how they manage the setting requirements. Here’s how they suggest choosing the right setting for your diamond engagement ring, making it beautifully complement your choice of diamond.

Prong Setting for An Extra Flash and Shine

It is the most versatile diamond engagement ring setting. While you can typically find it in solitaire rings, you can pair it with diamond bands to make the large center stone pop and shine brighter. The prongs allow more light to pass through the center diamond, which flashes higher than the possible levels with other ring settings.

Top experts suggest opting for a particular setting if you wish for a more shimmering diamond engagement ring, such as those found among diamond engagement rings collections. Also, leading companies offer prong tightening service, along with rhodium plating, thus ensuring your engagement ring maintains the glow for years together.

Halo Setting to Give Your Center Diamond More Presence

It considerably is one of the most popular diamond engagement ring settings if your chosen gem is small. The setting has the center stone propped up by surrounding diamonds, placed in a circle or square pattern, depending on the center diamond shape. With the smaller gems helping in reflecting more bling from the center stone, the created contrast lifts the appeal of the center diamond, making it look larger than its actual size.

Leading professionals share their opinions through reviews like James Allen reviews and information about other similar brands featuring stylish, dramatic halo-setting engagement rings. In contrast, you will also find traditional halo diamond rings with a stunning cushioned-shaped round brilliant center stone for a beautiful result.

Channel Setting for A Smooth Casing for Your Diamonds

If you want a sleek appearance to accent the center diamond of your engagement ring, this setting style makes an excellent choice. It secures your diamonds into place and sits them flush with the metal, thus creating a seamless channel.

Reputed experts present branded engagement rings with a channel-set of few round-shaped diamonds. They also recommend pairing this setting with prongs, creating a beautiful diamond engagement ring that will turn heads.

Pavé Setting for Paving Your Engagement Ring in Diamonds

If you have chosen a less sparkling diamond, this setting is the best option to give it more prop. In this setting, diamonds get placed in a pattern that makes the ring shimmer all the way around. It sets around the center diamond, minimizing the visibility of the metal along the path.

Leading consultants offer a variety of models in this setting. While some have rows of diamonds in a pave setting, others have the set weaved elegantly under the center diamond.

Consult A Reputed Expert

If you wish to choose the right setting style, reach out to an experienced expert to review the offerings of top-rated companies. While your choice of diamonds will perfectly symbolize your love for your partner, they are sure to get impressed by the overall engagement ring style, thanks to the setting you finalize.

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