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Kids can be Their Fashion Guides: Set Them Free to Choose Their Dress

Often kids are not allowed to make any decisions in their life because they are uninformed, little unaware cute creatures who don’t know what is happening around them. But on the other hand, we notice that the kids of today’s generation have the ability to make choices compared to previous generations. Earlier, the kids used to wear whatever their parents make them wear. But now it has changed.

Time and again, it is noticed that a kid as young as three years old wants to wear clothes of his choice; otherwise, he will be a rebel. The kid would demand to wear the dazzling new dress from the wardrobe against your casual, comfortable clothes. So what should be done? Should we limit the kid to the choices of parents? No! Set them free to choose their dresses. Let them be their fashion guides. If a boy wants to wear pink, let him choose, or if a girl wants to wear a fancy dress, let her be her designer. Providing the kids with the opportunity to wear whatever they want helps parents understand the kids’ psychology.

Give them a way out

Do not stick your kids to the dress you want them to wear; instead, give them alternatives. It will not let kids get stubborn to one dress and will allow them to make choices. Ask them whether they want to wear a green dress or a pink dress? Give them control to decide. Kids like that. As a parent, it will help you have a way out of the kid’s stubborn behaviour and give kids their freedom to choose. Let them choose some funny t shirts by own.

Value kids preferences

It is essential to understand and give due importance to kids preferences. As a parent, you might also have choices like comfortable blouses instead of a skin fit top. So why not value their likes and dislikes? If the kid doesn’t like particular socks or any top that irritate them, then listen to them. Value their opinions, and it will help you as a parent as they will also be a good listener to your advice.

Practice makes kids perfect.

Kids do not even know how to wear a dress but want to decide on their outfit. Sounds funny right? But it is an excellent opportunity for kids to learn how to wear clothes as early as possible. A three-year-old knows the basics of wearing underwear or how to pull up their pants. How to teach them more? Parents efforts are not required; kids will themselves take an interest in wearing their favourite dress.

Of course, kids have all the time in the world, but you don’t! Let them practice slowly eventually, and they will pick up the speed.

Make it a competition

Kids do not have any responsibility to handle. They would first watch t.v. , play their games and putting up clothes can wait.  What to do? Make it a competition. Let the kids pick up their favourite clothes and set a time. Count till they wear them, give them appreciation and fill them with rewards. You can treat them with chocolates, toffees, or whatever they cherish the most. It will encourage them to learn to wear with improved speed.

Master plan

Click pictures of them in their favourite outfit. Make a picture wall and post it there every day. Kids will feel accomplished. They could feel the power and absolute pleasure. It will encourage them to follow a good routine to prepare their clothes the night before. It will also help them in figuring out which dress they were looking the best. Sit with your kid and give them some necessary advice but do not limit them. Give them choice of custom t shirts to know their style better.

This master plan is the best plan to make your kids understand clothing style and eventually fill them with confidence and competence.


Parents get extra worried in winters. But we suggest just you take a chill pill.don’t overboard your kids with sweaters, coats, double socks and everything. Do keep them appropriately covered but don’t bound them with extra clothes. Carry a coat with yourself and let them enjoy winters comfortably. If you don’t pressure them to wear, they will eventually ask for the skin when they feel the chills.

Kids want to do whatever an adult is doing. They want to take all responsibilities of the world. They like to take control over things, so let’s give them the freedom to choose their clothes. S.etting kids free to choose their clothes is the best way to involve them in decision-making, self-awareness, responsibility, and self-management. Let them be the fashionistas. You can explore the custom t-shirt store just like PrintShop. It is always a pleasure to see them running round and round in their favourite outfit. Their happiness is our happiness. Today there have been hundreds of variations in kids collection. Clothing for the little sunshine will brighten up kids days.

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