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How to keep your nails safe when suffering with diabetes?

Diabetes is a lifelong disease, and you can only control it. There is no such cure which will make you diabetes free one day. Many people think of diabetes as a curse, but for the optimistic ones there is nothing like that. They take diabetes as a call to take care of yourself more.

Change in lifestyle, healthy eating, and less stress this is all a diabetic patient needs to do. Unlike other people, they are more aware of their body and if they try, they can be far healthier than the normal man.

Diabetes calls for extra care, particularly when it comes to wounds and injuries. As your blood gets really thick when you have diabetes. Thus, it will be difficult for the wounds to recover at the same pace as a normal body.

That is why the people with diabetes need to take care; furthermore, they should contact the physician regularly to get a clear insight about how they can avoid any kind of wound issues, or what kind of treatment they will need when something of the sort occurs.

As taking care of your feet is a compulsory thing for the diabetic people, we thought it necessary to share a few simple lifestyle tips which are necessary to keep your feet injury free.

Do not walk barefoot

Okay, you might hear people saying that walking on the morning grass that too barefoot is an amazing experience. It might be, but it has its own pros and cons. For a diabetic person, it is not the best thing to do, as it can harm them.

You must be wondering how, well, the little fungal spores on the grass, can get into the toenail fungus, and then it will become a serious issue for the diabetic persons. Never ever walk barefoot on the grass.

Clean the feet and nails regularly

Cleanliness is a do or die thing for the diabetic patient. Letting germs grow on your skin is an explicit call for doom. Having a feet soak after every three days can be a game changer for almost everyone. However, it is a time taking process, so you can simply wash your feet with regular antibacterial soap twice a day.

Another way to keep your feet clean is by adding some Epsom salt in your bathtub. Lastly, you should try applying some essential oils to avoid any kind of foot infection, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus oil are the best options.

Also, this will not be enough, many experienced podiatrists like Dr. Tina has also shared important info regarding the care of feet when someone is suffering with Diabetes on which you can go through.

Cut the nails regularly

Who does not fear the pain of having an ingrown nail? The most common cause of the nail injury or toenail fungus is the neglected nails. You should trim them every week to keep any such thing at bay. Ensure that the anil cutter or trimmer you are using is sterilized and clean.

Do not trust the pedicure

The saloons and nail bars are not all trustworthy. You need to check if the tools they are using are clean and sterilized. Otherwise, be ready to have an infection. Not just diabetic patients, but normal healthy people should also take care of this.

Do not swap shoes

You never know how clean the other person’s shoes are. Do not wear anyone’s shoes. it will spread the infections. Moreover, do not let anyone wear your shoes too, as it will also be a risky thing.

Keep separate indoor-outdoor shoes

Keeping a separate pair for indoors and outdoors. You should not use the same pair of shoes indoors and outdoors. It is necessary to maintain cleanliness.  

Besides all this, you should also follow some more pieces of advice which we have covered in detail here.


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