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How to Measure Bra and Panty Size: A Step-By-Step Guide

Here all of you will get step-by-step guidance to measure bra and panty sizes to buy products online.

Hello, amazing women out there hope you are doing well. Today I am going to ask you a question. Do you feel comfortable buying bras and panties online? Surely, most of you will say no and some will say positive. Most women feel uncomfortable buying lingerie online as they cannot know the proper measurement of online products.

How to Measure Bra Size While Buying Online:

Measurement of the bra is depended not only on the size of the bust but also on the broadness of the rib cages. The size of the bra cup also depends on that. So when you are going to buy a bra online then measure the bust size and band size/ brand size.

How to Know Your Brand Size and Band Size:

To know your brand size take a measuring tape that can be folded. Now wrap it around the rib cages. Wrap the measuring tape properly under your bust of yours. Then note the number. Remember the measurement should be noted in centimeters.

Now to know the band size same take folding measuring tape. Then wrap the tape around your bust and be sure that your bust should be fully covered. But do not hold it tight and hold the tape securely. Then not the number. Also, remember the measurement should be taken in centimeters.

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Step-By-Step Guidance for the Measurement of the Bra:

Follow the measurement guideline for your bra.

Measurement Guidelines According to the Band Size:

  • If the size of your under-bust is 67 to 72 centimeters then the band size will be 32.
  • For 72-77, the band size is 34.
  • If the under-bust size is 77 to 83 then the band size will be 36.
  • If 83 to 88 is the under-bust size then the band will be 38.
  • If 88 to 93 then the band size is 40.
  • If under bust size is 93 to 98 then the band size is 42.

Measurement Guidelines According to the Band Size

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Measurement Guidelines According to the Over-Bust Size:

  • If the band size is 32 then over bust measurement will be for CUP B 84 to 86, for CUP C 86 to 89, for CUP D 89 to 91, for CUP DD 91-94, and, for CUP F 94 to 97.
  • For the band size, 34 then overbust measurements will be for CUP B 89 to 91, for CUP C 91-94, for CUP D 94-97, CUP DD 97-99, and CUP F 99-102.
  • If the band size is 36 then over bust measurement will be CUP B 94 to 97, CUP C 97 to 99, CUP D 99 to 102, CUP DD 102 to 109, and CUP F 104 to 107.
  • For band size 38 the over-bust measurement will be for CUP B 99 to102, for CUP C 102-104, for CUP D 104 to 107, for CUP DD 107-109, and for CUP 109-112.
  • If the band size is 40 then the overbust measurement is for CUP B 104 to 107, for CUP C 107-109, CUP D 109 to 112, CUP DD 112-114, and CUP F 114 to 117.
  • For the band size 42, the overbust measurement will be 109 to 112, for CUP C 112 to 114, for CUP D 114-117, for CUP DD 117-119, and for CUP F 119 to 122.

Measurement Guidelines According to the Over-Bust Size

How to Measure Panty Size While Buying Online:

Not only bra when you are buying panty from online you should know some tips. Now come to the step-by-step guide to take the proper measurement of your panty.

  • First measure your hip size it is essential to determine the actual size of the full part of your hips. Now you may think about what part you should measure. 6 to 9 inches below part of your natural waistline of yours. The gap between the waistline and hip varies according to your height. Now wrap the measuring tape and not the measurement. Always remember don’t hold it tight or loose. Tight the measuring tape according to your comfort which is neither too tight or neither too loose.
  • Now let’s come to the measurement of the waistline. It is the part of your body and little curvy. Take a measuring tape and wrap it around the body part which is 5 cm below your waistline. It is the point where your feet are trousers with a waistband. This is the measurement of your waist size.


Size Chart for Panty Online Shopping:

You will get an idea about the Panty size depending on the measurement of your hip in centimeters.

  • If your hip size lies between 74 to 80 cm then your panty size will be extra small/ XS
  • If your hip size is 83 to 91 then choose small/ S size panty.
  • For 92-100 cm hip measurement choose Medium size/ M.
  • If the hip size is 101 to 109 then choose Large/L size panty.
  • For hip sizes 110-118 then you should choose Extra Large/ XL
  • If your hip measurement is 119 to 127 you need to choose double extra large/ XXL.
  • For the hip 128 to 136 you should choose triple extra large/XXXL.


How to Measure Panty Size While Buying Online

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Importance of Proper Measurement of Bra and Panty Size while Buying Products Online:

You need to know proper measurements when you are going to buy bras and panties online. Otherwise, you will not get a good shopping experience. Online lingerie brands have a huge collection that is not possible in offline shops. The proper size of bra and panty always ensures comfort. And also keep you away from any unwanted disturbance like heaviness in the breast or itchiness in the privet part.

Hopefully my beautiful female readers you get the solution to your problem from this article. So follow the guidance and feel free to buy bras and panties online. Only know what kind of size you need to choose. You will now order your bra and panties of your favorite brand from their website. You always deserve the best. Be confident and keep smiling.

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Is it possible to buy bras and panties online incorrect sizes?

Yes. It is possible to buy a bra and panty online and you will get the correct size.

How I will measure bra and panty size while buying online?

You have to match your measurement with the given size chart on the online website. Then buy the product.

What will happen if I do not buy a bra and panties online without measuring the size?

You should follow proper measurements. Otherwise, you will feel discomfort.

Can I get a perfect size bra and panty for me online?

Yes, you will get the perfect size for you. huge collection of bras and panties in different sizes is available.

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