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How to Protect Luxury Watches

Luxury watches have different kinds of places in traditional moments. There is no doubt that anyone who owns a luxury watch keeps it very close to his heart. A good luxury watch can be passed down from generation to generation if properly cared for. Whether you own one or several luxury watches, understanding how to safeguard them is critical. Irrespective of how you store them, there are a few best practices to follow to protect your watch in perfect condition. 

Keep a watch roll

Plenty of watch owners question how to securely keep their timepieces, especially if they travel. Always keep a leather watch roll to protect luxury watches. Watch rolls are frequently fashioned of soft leather, and have varieties that accommodate numerous watches. You can choose any one. It will keep your watch safe from any damage.

Avoid contact with chemicals

Cleaning supplies, perfumes, oil or any other chemicals are not good for your luxury watches. If you are a perfume enthusiast, always let it dry before wearing your watch. Without knowledge, do not use any chemical on your watch. Always consult your jweller before experimenting anything.

Avoid extreme sunlight contact

As with our skin, luxury watches can’t bear direct sunlight for extended periods. It will not only shorten the battery life of your luxury watch but also fade its original colour.  So yes, avoid keeping them in direct sunlight. 

When not in use, keep your watch in its original box or a separate watch box. This shields it not just from dust, but also from extended sunlight exposure, which can promote rust and corrosion.

Stay away from magnetic things

Magnetism is the enemy of mechanical timepieces, messing with their timing and, in extreme situations, causing them to freeze. Sadly, this means avoiding several commonplace items, such as speakers, refrigerator, and magnetic bag buckles.

Keeping your watch on top of a desktop or laptop is also not recommended due to the powerful magnets included therein.

Protect your watch’s crown

The crown is the interface to your watch’s precise movement. It is also a possible entrance site for water and other items, thus it must be maintained with care.

When adjusting your watch, make sure the crown is screwed firmly, but don’t use too much power when moving it in to lock the movement. To prevent introducing lateral stress to the movement, wind or adjust your timepiece when it is off your wrist rather than on it. Lastly, never rely on your watch’s crown! If you need to remove it, place it evenly on a surface.

Final Words

Watch protection is about safeguarding the value of a valued object as well as the quality of the accessory itself. In regard to the above practices, experts emphasise the necessity of keeping all documentation, such as the certificate of authenticity and transaction records, and perhaps even consider capturing videos of your collection to provide with your insurance agency if something happens.

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