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Is Boroline Good For Face In Winter?

Boroline is an antiseptic cream that is very effective when you use it during winter. It is used to convert dry and rough skin into soft glowing skin. It can be applied overnight and it acts as a fabulous moisturizer. Boroline Good For Face and it prevents the loss of water from the skin and is an excellent source for the nourishment of the skin with the help of natural oils.

Boroline has produced different effects on different types of skin. You can definitely apply and keep boroline on your face overnight and it will not cause any problems. If the product suits you, then it can definitely be one of the best products used by you. I have used boroline overnight on my face for a long time and it has always produced such amazing results that I keep doing it. It is a great antiseptic too n top of being a moisturizer. You can apply it on bruises and wounds to heal them.

To look at it’s texture, boroline has high moisturizing potential and it Is a thick textured cream suitable for dry and normal skin. I would not recommend boroline to you if you have a combination or oily skin. It may have adverse effects on your skin if you use it. Also, It can clog your pores and can be a very heavy product for your skin type. It works well with me since I have dry skin.

Keeping all that in mind, let’s dive deep into the benefits and ways to use boroline. There are a lot of utilities of this product and you can use it in a number of ways. In this article, lets learn about this miracle product that has been a household name in the country.

What is boroline?

Do you really need an introduction for boroline as an Indian? No, right! That has been the case as it has become one of the most popular moisturizer products in the country. Basically, it is an antiseptic cream that can be used for multiple purposes. Created in 1929 by Gulmohan Dutta of GD Pharmaceuticals, boroline has been popularized throughout the country. And, It was first created in Kolkata. It has antiseptic properties and does an amazing job of soothing the skin and providing nourishment.

It helps heal cuts and bruises and has good moisturizing value. And It is an over-the-counter product and you do not need a prescription to buy it. It is easily available in local shops and pharmacies. It can be used to treat dry skin and dry lips during winter when you put a layer on your skin of lips. I have used it in my childhood and still keep using it. It has always produced great results always and makes the skin feel rejuvenated. I hope you all have used it at some point of time too.


 Let’s have a look at the different ingredients that make this wonderful product when mixed in the right amounts.

1)     Boric Acid

Boric acid makes up for one of the main ingredients of boroline. It has anti-bacterial and anti fungal properties which help the main effect of the cream. It prevents any kind of bacterial growth and infection. 

2)     Zinc Oxide 

Zinc oxide is another material used to make boroline and is one of the major components. It forms a barrier-like layer on top of your skin and acts as a protective layer to trap moisture. It also has mild antiseptic properties, enhancing the cream. Zinc oxide is generally used to treat minor burns, diaper rash, and insect bites. You can apply boroline to insect bites and it will get better.

3)     Anhydrous Lanolin

As is clearly visible, the name comes from these three ingredients put together like the product. Lanolin is an important ingredient that helps to prevent dry and rough skin and keeps it moisturized properly. It is a fabulous emollient that decreases itchiness and irritability. It keeps the skin soft and moisturized. 

Warning before using the product

  •       Never use boroline on a deep and open wound. It may cause infection as it is not made to be used in such situations.
  •       Do not put boroline on skin prone to a lot of pimples. It causes more harm than it does good.

Best ways to make the most of boroline during winters

Winter season is the driest season of them all and it causes a lot of skin problems, especially to people like me with dry skin. There are a lot of ways in which I have used boroline to achieve soft and glowing skin even during winter. I am going to share my tips and experience over here for you to follow and have good skin health during winter. Skin becomes rough, patchy and dry during winters. So there are solutions that you can apply easily.

  •       Using boroline as a night cream

Boroline can easily use as a night cream and it is one of the best night creams. I have used boroline as a night cream for a long time and have never been disappointed. To use it properly and maximize it’s good effects, wash your face properly with a face wash and pat it dry. After drying your face, apply boroline to achieve the best results. Emollients like lanolin traps the moisture and helps your skin stay soft overnight. But if you have an oily skin then it is better not to apply any moisturizer and leave your skin as it is. This works wonders on my skin as I use it daily. When I wake up in the morning, I find my skin to be soft and plump. With regular usage, you can easily achieve glowing skin.

  •       Great lip treatment

Boroline is one of the best lip balms out there if not the best. I have used it to treat my dry and patchy lips for a long time and it has helped me get a proper plump and pink lip without any irritation. Clean your lips and apply a good portion. Along with it, scrub your lips twice a week to get the best results. It is the most Indian solution to achieve pink and soft lips. It heals chapped lips effectively and I would definitely suggest you to try this. Even if you have the bad habits of biting your lips which leads to more wounds on the lip, you can use boroline. It will speed up the healing process and you will get a better and softer lip within some days of using it.

  •       Use it on dry elbows and knees

As mentioned earlier in this article, boroline has a high lanolin content which is great as it helps to reduce dry skin. Rough skin will be reduced with this method as it works pretty well on consistent use. I would recommend massaging the cream on your dry elbows and knees if needed. This should do after taking a shower. If you do it consistently for some time then you will achieve soft and smooth elbows and knees. This has worked so well for me that I would definitely recommend it to you. Try it and see the results for yourself.

  •       Use it on your nails

I know this will sound odd at first but bear with me, you will not disappoint. This is a popular and good method. I have used it and got amazing results for myself. And I was a bit shocked at first too by seeing people use it on their nails but it really works. I used to have rough and dry nails which did not look very attractive on their own.

Once I started using boroline on my nails, I saw a noticeable difference on my nails within a few weeks. I got shining and softer nails and it felt good. Boroline improves the quality of your nails once you start using it. I used to massage it on my nails for 1-2 minutes before going to bed every night. You can try this method too. If you use it consistently for some time, you will see visible difference on your nails. Boroline is Good For Skin.

  •       Use it to treat dry patches

 I have a very dry skin and I get dry patches every winter. The patches are generally itchy and have a weird sensation on the skin. However, by applying boroline on the skin, I have reduced dry patches by a lot and have good skin even during the dry winter season. On the affected area, you can use this cream. Apply a layer on the dry areas and let it rest. You will notice good difference within a few days of applying it and you will feel good with your skin during winters.

Frequently asked questions

  1.     Can I use boroline overnight on my face? Does it have any bad effects?

A-     Yes, you can keep boroline overnight on your face and it helps nourish your skin. It is especially good for your face during winters when the weather is dry.

  1.     Can boroline treat dry patches? How long does it take?

A-     You can definitely use boroline to treat dry patches on your skin. It generally takes a minimum of 3-4 days before you see any noticeable difference.

  1.     Can I use boroline on oily skin ?

A-     It is not recommended to use boroline on oily skin as it can clog your pores and create a heavy layer. You may not feel comfortable in it. So it is best to avoid this cream on your skin if you have very oily skin.

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