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Low-Maintenance Beauty Tips: Top 6 Must-Do Steps.

Are you someone who is all about low-maintenance beauty? Do you feel like you could use more time each morning and invest it in doing some other, more productive tasks? Every workaholic woman, as well as a mom with a toddler, feels like this. So don’t worry, you are not alone. If you are trying to get yourself together quick & easy, and you’re intrigued in figuring out some new steps that can do a lot for your look, keep on reading!

Top 6 Must-Do Steps For Low-Maintenance Beauty

  1. Overnight Braids

Overnight Braids - WBO

Who has time to wash their hair every three days & blow-dry it, iron, or curl? This can be a living struggle. Why not opt for overnight braids? This way, you will achieve long & luscious curls without high-heat and in the quickest time possible! All you have to do is section your hair in 3-4 sections before you go to bed. Tie your typical French braids and let your hair set in place. Once you wake up, simply brush out your hair, and you’ll be good to go!

  1. Liquid Highlighter

A liquid highlighter is the best makeup item that you can use. Why? It brings back the radiance to your skin & gives you a glowy outcome. You can apply it to your nose as well as underneath your brows. Usually, women apply highlighter to their cheekbones, but this is different for everyone. This makeup item is so versatile, yet it can have a huge impact on your skin & will make you look airbrushed & healthy.

  1. Liquid Blush

Yet again, liquids are a fantastic solution, especially if you are running out the door. You should go for a liquid blush since it can act as an amazing lip color as well! Simply dab the product on top of your cheeks and your lips with your ring finger. Go for a coral or a bright pink shade and carry it with you wherever you go. Reach for it and pack-on color to bring back some life & flush to your cheeks and your lips.

  1. Lash Extensions

 Lash Extensions - WBO

Who does not love lash extensions? Lash extensions are individual lashes that are applied on top of your natural lashes one by one. Your lash esthetician will set them in place with high-quality lash glue. Once placed down, your lashes will last you for 2-3 weeks! This means that you will have a mesmerizing outcome every morning you wake up, without investing any time! Lash extensions look voluminous without the need for mascara and will help you save so much time since you’ll never apply your eye makeup again.

  1. Microbladed Brows

Microblading your brows can sound scary, but it is a step that some women have to do. If you have no voluminous or thick natural brows, you can tattoo them! Microblading your brows means having fake (yet natural-looking) brows for up to two years! Usually, women who have thin, sparse, or non-existent hair will opt for this solution. You can do this no matter your age or your brow count, just make sure you are ready for the same brow shape for two years.

  1. Pre-plan Your Outfit

Pre-plan Your Outfit - WBO

Lastly, try to save your time by pre-planning what you’re going to wear. This is not a beauty-related trick, but it is a clothing hack that will save you so much time in the morning. Go through your outfit ideas the night before your work. Mix & match some items & ask your mom, boyfriend, husband, or your sister for their opinion! You will wake up in the morning feeling pretty satisfied & confident, knowing that you don’t need to rush out.

What Step Is A Must For You?

So, out of these six different steps, do you feel like you could incorporate one into your everyday routine? Do you feel like we’re missing out on one or two even more vital hacks? If so, share your tips & tricks in the comment section down below, and help other women save time, but still feel fabulous.

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