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To Lose Weight, How Many Calories Should You Be Having?

The Concept of Calories:

A calorie is considered as a unit of energy. The calories of food mean the amount of energy that you get by eating or drinking. There are three macronutrients of food, which are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. All three provide calories to the human body after getting absorbed in the blood. The amount of provision of energy is different.

Carbohydrates are considered as the major body fuel and provide 4 kcal per gram. Proteins are a component of the food that plays a vital role in the body’s growth and development, muscle mass building and repairing of body wear and tear. Protein provides 4 kcal per gram juts like carbohydrates. You get 9 kcal per gram of fat.

Balance of Energy Intake and Energy Expenditure:

The balance of calories is the min n strategy to maintain health and body goals. If you are underweight or overweight, then you need to restructure your ratio of energy intake and energy expenditure. For an obese person, the energy intake must be lower than the energy expenditure in order to burn the calories.

For an underweight person, your energy intake should exceed the energy expenditure so that body can store that energy in a healthy way after performing all the body functions. The caloric requirement of every individual varies from others; you just cannot tell the same figure that fits everyone. It is not possible as it depends on age, gender, physical activity, injury factor, stress factor, weight, height, and many other factors.

Online Available Calorie Calculators:

The point is that who will tell you about your calorie calculation. Do not worry, is a calculator that helps in finding TDEE, how many calories do I burn a day? This calculator provides assistance in calculating the basal metabolic index, total calorie requirement of a day, and much more.

This calculator provides you with the exact calculation in a few moments. You can get to know about your body energy needs and energy expenditure just sitting in your home. What is TDEE? TDEE Calculator is the total daily energy expenditure calculator that tells about the number of calories that you have burnt in your physical activity.

How to Calculate the Caloric Requirement of an Overweight or Obese Person?

There are a few steps that you need to follow for calculating the caloric requirement of a day for an overweight or obese person:

  • BEE – basal energy expenditure is a parameter that accesses the energy needs of a day in a resting position. Harris-Benedict equation is used to find out the bee according to your age, gender, weight, and height.
  • TEE – finding total energy expenditure is a next step that can be calculated by multiplying the BEE with physical activity factor and injury factor (if any). This tells the accurate energy requirement of a person corresponding to its physical activity level. If a person just has a sedentary lifestyle, then its tee automatically falls down, as additional energy just stores in the body and leads to fat accumulation.
  • Twist – the above method is just the same as a normal person. There are two methods to convert this energy calculation into energy requirements for an overweight or obese person. The first way is to minus 500 kcal from the above-calculated tee.

In a second way, you need to add ideal body weight or adjusted body weight in the bee calculation and proceed further. The adjusted body weight is used for the obese persons whose weight is 125 % more of the ideal weight; otherwise, ideal weight will be put in the BEE formula.

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