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Mac Lady Danger Lipstick Review: Sexiest Lipstick

Lady Danger is one of MAC’s most iconic red shades. It’s knows as being sexy, in your face and very va-va-voom. The name says it all – “Lady Danger”. It’s described by MAC as a vivid coral-red with a matte finish. Let’s take a deeper look.

About MAC Matte Lipstick Lady Danger


Womens Mac Lady Danger - WBO-compressed
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This is one of the most beautiful lipsticks that I have. A bright orangey red or reddish orange, whatever you call it. Or you can just call it AWESOME in one word. This was a gift myself, My heart asked me to choose a shade. I didn’t understand whether to choose a red or a coral for myself. So the confused me choose this, a very flamboyant, cheerful shade which looks fresh, young and bold.


Womens mac lipstick range - WBO-compressed
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Womens mac lipstick - WBO
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The usual black and silver bullet with shade name written at base. Everybody knows..!!!


It is from the same matte range of “Ruby woo”, but I find it much easier to apply than “Ruby woo”. I know Ruby woo is the queen of MAC, but I don’t like its texture, my lips felt like deserts. But Lady Danger has a much creamier texture and doesn’t feel drying on lips. The texture is somewhat close to MAC’s satin range. It helps in smoother application with no tugging or pulling.

Ease of application

msc lipstick review - WBO
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Lady Danger is a particularly pleasant matte lipstick to apply. From the tube the formula feels creamy, and glides onto my lips smoothly.

I find the shape of MAC lipsticks very helpful when applying straight from the tube. The pointed tip helps me to achieve a crisp lip line without liner or a brush.


Mac Lady Danger Lipstick

Lady Danger lasts beautifully on me until I eat. It holds up well against drinking, but once I have a meal it starts to fade. The beautiful thing is, it’s very easy to touch up (unlike a lot of other mattes). It doesn’t seem to ball on my lips, or clump up when I reapply, it just glides over the top and looks as good as new.

Price- 1700/-

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What I like about MAC Matte Lipstick Lady Danger

  • A shade to die for.
  • Satiny texture keeps lips hydrated.
  • Easy application, no tugging or pulling.
  • Rich color-payoff.
  • Hides pigmentation.
  • Wears long, and leaves a strong stain afterwards.
  • Yummy vanilla fragrance.
  • Is an awesome bright coral-red colour.
  • Though it’s a matte texture, it glides smoothly and evenly over lips.
  •  Gives amazing high and full coverage with just a few strokes.
  • Lasts for over 4 to 5 hours and even through meals, fading evenly and lightening out just a shade or two less brighter.

What I Dislike about MAC Matte Lipstick Lady Danger

  • You need to feel really comfortable with yourself to carry off such a bright red. It’s purely a matter of personal choice.
  • Sometimes, availability is an issue.

WBO Rating- 5/5

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