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Maintenance and Safety Tips For Your Engagement/Wedding Ring

No matter the carat weight, design, or shape of your ring, it’s a valuable piece of jewelry and is likely pretty important to you. With that being said, you will want to take good care of it to ensure its longevity and that it looks its best for years to come.

Jewlry, be it engagement ring or mood rings, they all need little care and maintenance. Check out MoodRingColor if you want to get some tips for the maintenance of mood rings.

Given the fact that you wear this piece nearly every day, you’ll want to take measures to keep your ring both well kept and safe. Find here – Maintenance and Safety Tips For Your Engagement/Wedding Ring

Clean Your Ring Quarterly (At Least!)

Keeping your ring clean allows it to maintain its sparkle, but it can be easy to forget to clean your ring regularly. Do so at least four times a year in order to rid your diamond of oil and residue. This can be done by filling a small, shallow dish with lukewarm water and one drop of gentle dish cleaning detergent. Let your ring sit in the solution for at least 10 minutes. Then, use a soft brush to gently scrub it clean, paying close attention to brush every inch of your ring, including the sides and back. Once that’s done, run the ring under clean water to rid it of soap. Use a lint-free cloth to dry your ring to avoid water marks forming on your diamond. After the process is complete, your ring is sure to be dazzling!

Give Your Ring a Regular Check-up

Since engagement rings get so much wear, it’s a good idea to have an annual check-up performed on yours. Bring your ring for examination to a local jeweler. They will check for any loose stones, damage, or cracks. They’ll also verify the security of the prongs.

Care for the Setting

The metal setting of your diamond wedding bands is another item that requires routine maintenance. Since your ring gets so much wear, it’s normal for the metal to obtain scratches over time. Use a polishing cloth whenever your clean your ring to maintain the sleek look of the metal and bring your ring to a jeweler if that doesn’t do the trick. A jeweler can refinish the metal and will have it looking good as new!

Think Before Resizing

If you feel as though your ring is a bit loose or tight for your tastes, it can be tempting to immediately have it resized. However, you’ll want to think about this as the size of your fingers changes depending on the time of day, when temperatures rise or fall, when your weight fluctuates, or even when you’re traveling to different locations. Resizing your band unnecessarily is not only costly, but not great for the ring itself, so really be sure before you take the plunge in doing so.

Know When Not to Wear Your Ring

Although engagement rings are designed for daily wear, that doesn’t mean you should wear yours 24/7. For the safety of your ring, there are times when it’s best to take it off in order to protect both the stones and metal. For instance, remove your ring while showering, working out, or gardening. Also remove your ring whenever swimming or at the beach. You should also remove your ring while you’re sleeping to avoid accidentally scratching your face and because sometimes our fingers swell when we sleep.

Because you’re not constantly wearing your ring, you’ll want to store yours appropriately at home. Have ring dishes in logical places to avoid misplacing your ring—for instance, by the kitchen and bathroom sink and on your nightstand. Having consistent, safe spots to place your ring will help avoid a moment of panic when this precious memento is seemingly nowhere to be found.

Be Careful with Topical Products

Certain topical products can pose a risk to the long-term health of your diamond ring. Lotions and perfumes usually contain chemicals, fragrances, and alcohols that can be damaging to jewelry. They will also dull the stone and make a diamond cloudy, so always take your ring off when applying these.

Household cleaning solutions can also pose a risk to the health of your ring. The sometimes harsh chemicals contained in these products can potentially erode or scratch your ring, so it’s important to take your ring off before doing household chores.

Remember that Diamonds Aren’t Invincible

While diamonds are the strongest naturally occurring gemstone, that doesn’t mean they’re invincible. Always take your ring off if you anticipate doing anything heavy-duty where your ring may be put through tough conditions. If your ring ever does experience impact, have it checked by a jeweler for loose stones or damaged prongs. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to diamonds, as they can be costly to replace and usually have sentimental value.

Taking good care of your ring will keep it dazzlingly beautiful and will also give you peace of mind, so use these tips to keep your engagement ring in tip-top condition!

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