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Make The White Choice For Your Teeth

Coffee, tea, foods with turmeric, red wine (you thought it to be heart healthy, right?), tomato-based sauces, berries…life is full of teeth-staining food and drinks and it is difficult to maintain a white smile.

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What causes teeth stains?

I am a coffee lover. Can’t imagine mornings without a steaming cup of coffee. This morning mocha can be doing more than just providing fuel. Also the food we choose. The favourite spaghetti with dark sauces, berries and many other foods leave a dark pigment on the teeth eventually causing stains. These are called extrinsic staining and is caused from the outside. And that’s not all. Our teeth take a beating over the years when the teeth enamel wears down. As we age, our enamel wears down and the inner layer of the teeth which is called dentin gets exposed. This would be called intrinsic staining since it comes from within.

Teeth stains are quite common due to ageing and lifestyle habits. But we can adopt a regular oral hygiene routine and choose oral care products with good ingredients that will help us in the long run, and for those looking to brighten their smile, teeth whitening Sydney services can provide an additional boost.

Dente91 Anti-Stain Expert

If you are on Instagram, you might have seen Dente91 Anti-Stain Expert Toothpaste everywhere. This toothpaste is super popular, has blown up on social media with people raving about how amazing it is. A couple of week before I got Dente91 Anti-Stain Expert Toothpaste.

The idea behind the toothpaste is excellent. The toothpaste is created with a breakthrough formula that provides multiple benefits. The packaging claims to reduce 63% stains and whiten teeth by 80% in just three days by brushing twice a day. I felt my teeth stains are reduced and also feel my teeth looks brighter than before.



Nano Hydroxyapatite Hydroxyapatite is a natural mineral that makes up to 89% of your teeth enamel. Synthesized hydroxyapatite known as Nano Hydroxyapatite mimics the very structure of the tooth and helps in remineralization of teeth. Advanced remineralization formula with Nano Hydroxyapatite helps to strengthen enamel, reduce hypersensitivity and repair cavities.

Lactoferrin This is a super protein originally found in mother’s milk and bovine milk. Antimicrobial properties of Lactoferrin kills bacteria and fungus, reduces bad breath and is effective against gum disease.

SHMP (Sodium hexametaphosphate) SHMP is a clean, non-toxic phosphate. SHMP prevents staining and eliminates remaining stains, due to its strong capacity for the adsorption of tooth minerals and desorption of pellicle proteins containing stains. (Source:

Covarine Blue This is a pigment when deposited on the teeth’s surface causes a colour shift that induces an increase in the perception of tooth whiteness. (Source: Stain removing toothpastes containing Covarine Blue can have an immediate effect on the teeth. This ingredient on the toothpaste adheres to the surface of the teeth and creates an optical illusion that makes the teeth appear less yellow.


Apart from these unique and powerful ingredients, the toothpaste is also free from SLS, Fluoride and Paraben making it ideal for long term use. The toothpaste comes in a refreshing Cool Mint flavour. My quest for whiter and brighter teeth has made me to try out different products and I am happy to finally have this toothpaste on my hands.


I generally have an affinity towards Dente91 Oral Care range. Their oral care products are available for teeth whitening, sensitive teeth and toothpaste specially crafted to support women’s oral health.

You can buy Dente91 Anti-Stain Expert online from their own website or from Amazon.

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